The Best Frabill Fishing Nets Reviewed

Best Frabill Fishing Nets
Frabill Fishing Nets are a terrific piece of fishing equipment!

I’ve always joked around with my angler friends how a good fishing net is one of the most overlooked pieces of fishing equipment. So many people don’t even think twice about the fishing net they have – until it is time to net that giant fish and things go terribly wrong.

On a related note, there aren’t many thinks worse for fisherman than losing that giant fish because of poor netting technique from their colleague – or because their net just sucks. It is a tragic event; we don’t want you to experience that.

To help you avoid that previously mention situation and pain, we have put together a great list of the best Frabill Fishing Nets Reviewed. This should help you find a high-quality fishing net that you can depend on, and with so many great Frabill Fishing Net choices, you should be able to find the perfect fishing net for your fishing adventures!

What are the best Frabill Fishing Nets? The best Frabill Fishing Nets are the Frabill Trophy Haul line, Frabill Conservation line, and the Frabill Sportsmen line. However, there are some other great choices as well so please read on to get a full review on all the options!

Reasons to Pick Frabill Nets

There are a lot of great companies producing great fishing nets – so why should I pick Frabill? The good news is there are a lot of reasons why – including:

  • Frabill has been making innovative fishing gear solutions since 1938! That is a lot of expertise.
  • High-quality materials. These nets are made to last a long time!
  • Innovative design. Frabill is always producing new fishing nets that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of anglers.
  • Great selection. You are going to be able to find a fishing net for your preferred fishing style and species of fish!

At the end of the day why pick Frabill? The combination of high-quality materials, cost, and great design is going to be tough to beat!

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Quick Rankings by Frabill Net Series

Here is a quick reference chart showing how we rank the different fishing net lines produced by Frabill! Please read on below for a much more detailed review of each one!

RankFishing Net LinePicture
#1Frabill Trophy Haul Landing NetsFrabill Trophy Haul Fishing Nets
#2Frabill Conservation Series Landing NetsFrabill Conservation Series Landing Net
#3Frabill Sportsman Fishing NetsFrabill Sportsman Fishing Nets
#4Frabill Hiber-Net Fishing NetFrabill Hiber-Net Fishing Net
#5Frabill Power Stow Fishing NetsFrabill Power Stow Fishing Nets
#6Frabill Power Catch Fishing NetsFrabill Power Catch Fishing nets
#7Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing NetsFrabill Pro-Formance Fishing Nets
#8Frabill Folding Fishing NetsFrabill Folding Fishing Nets
A List of the Best Frabill Fishing Nets

Frabill Trophy Haul Fishing Nets

New for 2020, Frabill released an incredible line of fishing nets called the Frabill Trophy Haul Fishing Net line. There are 5 different nets that make up this Trophy Haul series:

All of these nets have some creative innovations that will make you love them. Let’s break each option down so you can see why these nets are our top ranked options!

Also, here is a really in-depth review of each of these nets here in case you want a little bit more information than we give in our brief synopsis: The Best Frabill Trophy Haul Fishing Nets.

Trophy Haul Landing Nets

Frabill Trophy Haul Landing Nets

This is the “standard” net that makes up the Trophy Haul series. The highlights include a 48-inch handle, a coated mesh net that won’t harm fish, a great rubber grip that makes this net easy to handle, and a revolutionary handled yoke design that makes these nets very durable but also very easy to control!

There are 3-different hoop sizes available in this line of nets, so you should be able to find the right sized net for your fishing adventures! Here is a link to your different net options!

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Trophy Haul Power Extend Fishing Net

Frabill Trophy Haul Power Extend Landing Nets

The second member of the Trophy Haul family of nets that we are looking at is the Trophy Haul Power Extend Fishing Net line. This net is going to have the same grip, same net material, basically all of the same features as the Trophy Haul baseline nets except for a couple of extra bells & whistles.

The biggest difference (if you couldn’t tell by the name) is the “power extend” or extendable handle. This is great for anglers that need that extra reach out of their boat.

This handle has an “easy lock” system that makes it super easy to lock into place and easy to extend in a matter of seconds. The net handle length can be as short as 38″ or as long as 72″.

The other really neat innovation for this net is a built-in light. Where the handle meets the yoke there is a built-in light that will basically light up the entire net making nighttime netting a whole lot easier!

There are also three different hoop sizes that you can pick with this net as well:

These nets are awesome for anyone that needs that expandable net handle and would like a little extra light to help them fish at night!

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Trophy Haul Bearclaw Landing Nets

Frabill Bearclaw landing nets

For the sake of brevity, we are going to combine both the Trophy Haul Bearclaw and the Trophy Haul Bearclaw Night Landing nets into one section. The reason we are doing this is because these are the same nets, except the night version has that really cool built-in light system and the non-night version does not.

Why are you going to pick the Frabill Bearclaw Fishing Nets over everything else? The biggest reason is the very unique design that is great for kayak anglers or people that are fishing by themselves.

The best way to describe the design is by looking at the picture to the right -as you can see it has a brace that goes around your forearm and a grip that you can grab in the middle. This makes this net super easy to use with just one-hand, and it makes it very easy to store as well! We did a more detailed review on this net here: The Frabill Bearclaw Fishing Net.

The size is compact – 18″ in length with a 14″ x 18″ hoop – again designed for kayakers and others that need a compact, easy to control, easy to store fishing net.

Here are the two options you can buy:

Really, this has to be the number 1 choice for kayaking, paddle boat fishing, and even trout stream fishing!

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Frabill Trophy Haul Predator Fishing Net

Frabill Trophy Haul Predator Fishing Net

The last fishing net in the trophy haul series is the Frabill Trophy Haul Predator Fishing Net. This is the most expensive fishing net in this line and was built for a very specific type of angler in mind; those that are chasing big fish.

This is the biggest hoop size in the series, coming in at 27″ x 30″. This is great for catfish, northern pike, or other large species of fish!

It also has an extendable handle – which will become as long as 72″. Because this net is designed for larger fish, it is reinforced to be even stronger than the other nets in this line. And yes, it does have the lighted yoke system that has become a big selling point with these nets!

The balance, grip, ease of use, durability, and size really do make it a great option for big species fishing!

Frabill Conservation Series Fishing Nets

One of the most popular series of Fishing Nets that Frabill releases is the Frabill Conservation Series. These nets were developed for anglers that practice a lot of catch and release fishing and make every extra effort possible to protect the fish.

There are three different nets that make up the Conservation Series Line:

All of these nets are very good and very popular, but they do have a few differences in them.

The Knotless Conservation Series Nets

Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net for sale

The Knotless Conservation Series Net would be the standard net in this series. There are 5 different size variations of it, but all of them have some common features that they all share. They are a really good walleye fishing net.

For example, all of these nets have a 100% knotless mesh net. The net hoops also have flat, linear bottoms that help keep the fish from rolling around. The coating of these nets also helps prevent fishing hooks from getting entangled inside the net.

All of these features were put into place to protect fish; again, making this a great net option for anyone that does a lot of catch and release fishing.

Here is a quick list of the 5 different nets that make up this line, with all the important details like handle size, handle type, and hoop size.

Model #Hoop SizeHoop DepthNetting MaterialHandle LengthHandle TypeLink to Buy
951020" x 23"16"Tangle-Free Micromesh24 - 48"TelescopingBuy Here
951223" x 26"16"Tangle-Free Micromesh36 - 72"TelescopingBuy Here
952226" x 30"38"Tangle-Free Lightweight Knotless48 - 96"TelescopingBuy Here
951723" x 26"32"Tangle-Free Lightweight Knotless48"SlidingBuy Here
952126" x 30"38"Tangle-Free Lightweight Knotless48"SlidingBuy Here
The Best Frabill Conservation Series Fishing Nets

Clear Rubber Conservation Net

Frabill Conservation Series Clear Rubber Fishing Net

There is one net in this line. The Clear Rubber Conservation Net is a smaller fishing net, but still one that was built for catch and release fishing in mind. I would recommend this as a very good trout fishing net!

Let’s start with the netting. Like the name implies, it has a clear rubber netting – which I particularly like when I’m trout fishing. That clear color is perfect for scooping up species like trout that can get a little spooked when they see that net coming for them.

The netting is rubber and knotless, so it fits right into the conservation line because it is very safe for fish. The hoop size itself is 17″ x 19″ & has a net depth of 18″ – and a flat-bottom design.

The handle is extendable and can go from 24″ to 48″. It is very durable and easy to grip, so you won’t have many problems scooping up fish.

This is a great net for catch and release anglers that want that clear-coated netting!

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The Deep Frabill Conservation Series Nets

The Frabill Deep Conservation Fishing Net for Muskie

I’m guessing that you can tell by the name, but the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net was built to be extra deep – which is perfect for those anglers that need a net capable of landing big northern pike or musky!

The net itself is huge. You are looking at a hoop size of 32″ x 41″ – with a net depth of 54″! This should give you plenty of space to land giant fish. The net material is a tangle-free, knotless, lightweight netting that will be gentle on musky or northern pike. Also, the net/mesh holes in the net are 1.5″ in size which helps these big knotless fishing nets glide in the water and lets the water drain easily when you scoop up your big catch!

The handle is also specifically designed to support the weight of these big fish. It is 48″ in length, it is strong, durable, and provides you with everything to need to catch big fish safely.

If you are catch and release fishing minded, and you like catching big, big fish – than buying the Frabill Deep Conservation Fishing Net is going to make a lot of sense for you!

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Frabill Sportsmen Fishing Nets

Right now, there are currently 6 different types of nets in the Frabill Sportsmen Fishing Nets series. The biggest selling point to these nets is going to be the price.

Some of these other Frabill nets will cost in the hundreds of dollars – where with this line of nets, the most expensive option is about $60. But you still get the high-quality fishing net you expect.

Frabill Sportsman Rubber Net

Frabill Sportsman Rubber Fishing Net

The Frabill Sportsman Rubber fishing net is perfect for bass, walleye, trout and even panfish fishing! I don’t know about you, but that makes it perfect for the type of fishing I normally do!

These nets have a strong, fixed metal frame and a handle that is durable and easy to control. The handle length on all these models is 36-inches, which is good for bass boats or shore fishing.

The hoops are going to have a teardrop shape, and all are going to have a flat-bottom design that is easy on fish. The material is going to be rubber (if you couldn’t tell by the name) – which is nice because it will stretch with the weight of the fish to make sure they stay contained. The net holes are 3/8″ in size making it easy to control under water and easy to lift fish out of the water.

Here are the two main choices you can pick from:

  1. Model 3058 – 17″ x 19″ hoop size – 36″ handle length
  2. Model 3065 – 20″ x 23″ hoop size – 36″ handle length
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Sportsman Telescoping Rubber Net

Frabill Sportsman telescoping Rubber fishing net

For those that don’t want a fixed handle like the Sportsman Rubber Fishing Nets listed above – you can pick from the Sportsman Telescoping Rubber Net line!

These nets are still very affordable – and the telescopic handle length ranges from 24 – 48″ – giving you that little extra reach you might want while fishing from your boat. A handle that is durable and easy to control like this one is important!

The net is very similar to the other Sportsman landing nets. It is a stretchable rubber net that is in a teardrop shape with a flat bottom. It also has the mesh hole size of 3/8″ – and shouldn’t have problems scooping up those fish that you land.

The two choices for this fishing net include:

  1. Model 3062 – 17″ x 19″ hoop size, 24″ – 48″ telescopic handle
  2. Model 3067 – 20″ x 23″ hoop size, 24″ – 48″ telescopic handle
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Sportsman Tangle-Free Nets

Frabill Sportsman Tangle-Free Landing Net

For those of us that don’t want that rubber, flat-bottom style of net, a great option is the Sportsman Tangle-Free Nets. These nets are also much deeper – making them a better choice if you are going to be catching those huge fish we are all after.

There are basically two different groups in this series. Two of them have a scoop hoop design and two of them do not. One of the scoop hoop options will have a fixed handle and the other option has a sliding handle. Same thing with the traditional hoop design – one of them will have a sliding handle and the other a fixed handle design.

All of these nets will have a 36″ net depth – which again can handle some bigger fish. The netting is coated to try and reduce tangles and damage to the fish.

The best way to show off these nets is to show you the four different options in the chart below.

Model#Hoop SizeHandle LengthHandle TypeNet DepthLink to Buy
341020" x 23"36"Fixed 36"Buy Here
341420" x 23"36"Sliding36"Buy Here
3411 (Scooped)21" x 25"36"Fixed36"Buy Here
3415 (Scooped)21" x 25"36"Sliding36"Buy Here
The Best Frabill Sportsman Tangle-Free Nets
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Frabill Sportsman MeshGuard Fishing Nets

Frabill Sportsman MeshGuard Fishing Net

The Frabill Sportsman MeshGuard Fishing Net group is the last member of the Sportsman series. These nets are designed to reduce the chance of crankbaits getting their hooks tangled in the mesh of your fishing net – something most of us crankbait anglers have experienced!

There are two options in this MeshGuard Group of landing nets. They are basically identical except one has a sliding handle and one has a telescopic handle. They both have that tangle-free micromesh net material, a 16″ net depth, a 20″ x 23″ hoop size. Both are very durable and going to be effective – it really just comes down to which type of handle you like better.

Here is a link to purchase both options:

  1. Model 3443 – Sliding 36″ Handle
  2. Model 3444 – Telescopic 24 -48″ Handle
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Frabill Hiber-Net Fishing Nets

Frabill Hiber-Net Buy Here - Best Telescopic Fishing Net

One of the neatest fishing nets that Frabill makes is the Frabill Hiber-Net Fishing Net line. This is truly the best telescopic fishing net on the market today, and has some really great highlights to it!

First of all, the design is just fantastic. How this telescopic fishing net works is there is a grip that you push up on the handle that will release the hoop/net. Once you are done using it, you push the grip back down the handle and they hoop/net collapses down and goes back into the handle. This makes this net amazingly easy to store in your boat, kayak, or even a locker.

The net is a knotless mesh; it is very easy on fish if you are doing catch and release fishing. There are also three different size options. This will give you a lot of flexibility depending on which style of fish you want to catch.

In fact, here are those options:

Model NumberHoop SizeHandle LengthNet DepthBuy Here Link
360118" x 18"40"11"Buy Here
360023" x 22"52"30"Buy Here
360229" x 29" 72"40"Buy Here
The Best Telescopic Fishing Nets

Basically, I would call this the best fishing net option from Frabill for those that want a telescopic fishing net or are in need of a fishing net that can be stored incredibility easy. Also, here is a nice detailed review on this fishing net if you would like a little more information on it: The Frabill Hiber-Net Fishing Nets.

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Frabill Power Stow Fishing Nets

The Frabill Power Stow Fishing Nets were created for anglers that need some extra space in their kayak or boat. These nets have a net that will fold – again saving that precious space.

There are three different categories of nets in the Power Stow line: The Knotless line, the Micromesh line, and the Poly Net line. Each one was made with a slightly different angler in mind.

The Frabill Power Stow Knotless Nets

The Frabill Power Stow Knotless Fishing Net

The Frabill Power Stow Knotless fishing net line was made with anglers that need a bigger sized net. These are the biggest fishing nets in this particular line, and they were built to handle large fish.

Obviously, they have that folding net design – and they also have a telescopic handle. These handles are a heavy-duty aluminum and are built to scoop big fish.

The netting itself is a black, tangle-free knotless design. There are five different sized fishing nets in this line, giving you great diversity to choose the right net based on your preferred style of fishing and the needs associated with that type of fishing. The quick reference chart listed below breaks down all those different net options in this line.

Model #Hoop SizeHandle LengthHandle TypeNet DepthHoop StyleLink to Buy
851024" x 28"36 - 54"Telescopic27"FoldingBuy Here
852030" x 32"42 - 60"Telescopic42"FoldingBuy Here
852330" x 32"48 - 66"Telescopic50"FoldingBuy Here
852736" x 38"48 - 66"Telescopic56"FoldingBuy Here
853040" x 44"48 - 66"Telescopic58"FoldingBuy Here
The Best Frabill Power Stow Knotless Fishing Nets
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The Frabill Power Stow Micromesh Fishing Nets

The Frabill Power Stow MicroMesh Fishing Net

The second set of net options in the Frabill Power Stow series is the Frabill Power Stow Micromesh Fishing Nets. There are three different size options you can pick in this group.

These nets were designed to be a lot smaller than the Power Stow options that were listed above. These nets are going to be more for your everyday bass, walleye, and similar sized fish anglers – not so much for those anglers chasing big pike and muskie!

These nets are also really good for kayaking – and they all have a nice black mesh material. The net design includes a flat bottom – and between the 3 different size options I think you will find the net that you are looking for!

Here are those choices:

Model #Hoop SizeNet DepthHandle LengthHandle TypeHoop StyleLink to Buy
850114" x 18"15"24" - 36"TelescopicFoldingBuy Here
850214" x 18" 15"36" - 60"TelescopicFoldingBuy Here
850720" x 24:24"30" - 48"TelescopicFoldingBuy Here
The Best Frabill Power Stow Micromesh Fishing Net Options
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The Frabill Power Stow Poly Net Line

The Frabill Power Stow Poly Fishing Net with sliding handle

The final group of nets in the Power Stow Fishing Net line is the Frabill Power Stow Poly Net line. These nets are smaller in size and are really good for panfishing and kayaking.

The handles are different in this group of Power Stow Nets versus the other choices – with them being sliding handles versus telescopic handles. The net material is also different, with this being made from non-coated poly materials vs. the coated netting material of the other Power Stow fishing nets.

There are two size options in this group of nets. Here are there specs:

  1. 14 x 18 inch hoop size, 22″ Handle Length, 14″ Net Depth
  2. 20 x 24 inch hoop size, 36″ Handle Length, 21″ Net Depth

If you want a little more in-depth review of this Power Stow fishing net line, I would encourage you to read this: The Best Frabill Power Stow Fishing Nets Reviewed.

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Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets

These Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets should probably be higher on the list if you are just looking at their durability and performance. However, they are designed for BIG fish – which makes them perfect for those that need a northern pike or musky fishing net – but a little more limited for everyone else.

Frabill Power Catch Landing Nets

The Frabill Power Catch Landing Net

There are two groups in the Frabill Power Catch Net family – the original Power Catch line and the Power Catch Weighted Net line. The original line discussed in this section is the most popular option of this group.

To handle large fish, Frabill developed a special yoke system specifically designed to support the weight of large fish. These nets are even backed by a limited lifetime warranty to show how durable and strong Frabill knows they are.

There are two choices in this line, both with sliding handles that the yoke lets the handle slide thru – giving you easy storage for your really large net – which is always a challenge.

The net is made from a tangle-free mesh material – and to reduce drag the mesh hole size 1 and 3/4 inches. This is going to allow you to control the net easily in the water, and you aren’t going to be bogged down by a lot of water weight when pulling that fish out.

Really the only big difference between the two choice in this line is the hoop size. Both are great options that will be loved by trophy hunters.

Here are those great options:

  1. Model 8425: 32″ x 41″ Hoop Size, 48″ Sliding Handle, 42″ Net Depth
  2. Model 8450: 40″ x 44″ Hoop Size, 48″ Sliding Handle, 48″ Net Depth
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Power Catch Weighted Nets

These Power Catch Weighted Nets were also designed to catch big fish – and I hear a lot of catfish anglers will use these as their catfish fishing nets of choice!

There are five different great choices in this group of Frabill Power Catch nets. What they all have in common is a 32″ x 41″ hoop size (but the net depth varies greatly by choice) and a sliding handle design.

They also all have a tangle-free, knotless, nylon material for the actual net, and the net is going to be in a teardrop style.

These nets have the strength and durability you would expect from a great group of Frabill fishing nets. Here is a quick reference chart breaking down the five different choices for you!

Model #Hoop SizeHandle LengthHandle TypeMesh SizeNet DepthLink to Buy
841532" x 41"48"Sliding1 1/2"38"Buy Here
843032" x 41"48"Sliding2"48"Buy Here
843532" x 41"48"Sliding2"60"Buy Here
844032" x 41"72"Sliding2"48"Buy Here
844532" x 41"72"Sliding2"60"Buy Here
The Best Frabill Power Catch Weighted Fishing Nets
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Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing Nets

I really like the description of the Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing Nets from Frabill’s Website – serious nets for serious fishermen. I think that describes them really well.

Frabill Pro-Formance Landing Nets

The Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing Net

These fishing nets are more expensive than some of the other options, but they are built to last – and do come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are all designed with Frabill’s extra durable yoke system, have a sliding handle, a teardrop net shape, and are made from tangle-free weighted nylon.

All those factors make these some really good nets. This group of the Pro-Formance series also has 4 different options to pick from, ensuring you can find a good fishing net for they style of fishing you really enjoy.

Here is a quick graphic showing you the different specs of the 4 main fishing nets that make up this line.

Model #Hope SizeHandle LengthHandle TypeMesh SizeNet DepthLink to Buy
552526" x 30"48"Sliding1 1/2"38"Buy Here
554529" x 34"48"Sliding2"48"Buy Here
555532" x 41"48"Sliding2"48"Buy Here
556032" x 41"72"Sliding2"60"Buy Here
The Best Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing Nets
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Pro-Formance Rubber Nets

For those of us that don’t want to fish with a tangle-free nylon weighted net – we are in luck – we are able to purchase from the Pro-Formance Rubber Net line!

Like the name implies, these nets are made from rubber and have a really nice old-school design! The nets are knotless and safe for fish, making this a nice catch and release style fishing net as well.

There are two size options in this line, and both will have 48-inch sliding handles, a teardrop shaped rubber net, 3/8-inch mesh size, and the rubber material will stretch with the size of the fish. What is different is the hoop size on each option, which makes perfect sense.

Here are your two choices of the Pro-Formance Rubber Net line!

  1. Frabill Pro-Formance with 20″ x 23″ Hoop Size
  2. Frabill Pro-Formance with 23″ x 26″ Hoop Size

There are some other good fishing nets in this line as well, but many of them are out of stock on most shopping sites, so we will keep an eye on these and update accordingly!

Frabill Folding Fishing Nets

The Frabill Folding Net

The Frabill Folding Fishing Net line is great for anglers that need a little extra space, or for anglers that are looking for a cheaper fishing net that is easy to store since they aren’t on the water an overwhelming amount of time!

Like the name implies, these fishing nets will fold in half; making them easy to store on a boat, in a garage, or even in a fishing locker.

These nets have a cool black color scheme to them, a telescoping handle, micromesh netting material, a 14″ net depth, and a very functional design.

There are two different size choices you can pick from – which we will list here with a link to purchase!

  1. Model 3607 – 18″ x 16″ Hoop Size with 20″ – 40″ Telescoping Handle
  2. Model 3608 – 22″ x 20″ Hoop Size with 30″ – 60″ Telescoping Handle
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Final Notes

There really are many different great fishing nets from Frabill that you can pick from. They come in so many different styles, sizes, and materials that you are going to be able to find the type of fishing net you are looking for!

There are some other great fishing net companies that you can read about here in the wild chance you didn’t see the fishing net you want in this article: The Best Landing Nets.

As always, enjoy your Amazing Outdoor Adventures!