Best Nets for Northern Pike Fishing

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Buy a good northern pike fishing net!

One of my favorite childhood memories is sneaking out early in the morning with my dad from our family camp sites to do some sunrise northern pike fishing. We would load up our small fishing boat with all the gear we needed, and attempt to catch some really large fish!

During one of those trips, my dad hooked a very large northern pike – I’m guessing right in that 10-pound range. For some reason, he trusted me to net that fish, even with my lack of netting experience. Long story short, I immediately messed everything up and we lost that fish!

But that’s okay, it was a great learning experience – and I’m going to blame the net I was using. If my dad would have just bought a really good net for northern pike fishing, I’m sure I would have helped him land that fish.

So, to prevent your child from messing up when netting your large northern pike – here is our list of the best nets for northern pike fishing – plus some handy tips on what to look for in a good northern pike fishing net!

Quick Top 5 List of the Best Nets for Northern Pike Fishing

Here is a quick list of 5 of our favorite fishing nets for northern pike fishing. Below this chart is a quick description of each net – followed by some really good tips you should follow when buying a net specialized for northern fishing.

Best Nets for Northern Pike Fishing

#1EGO S2 Slider Large Rubber Coated Nylon Net
#2Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna Teardrop Landing Net
#3StowMaster Tournament Series Precision Muskie Landing Net
#4Ranger “Big Game” Landing Net
#5EGO Large Landing Net

EGO S2 Slider Large Rubber Coated Nylon Net

EGO S2 Slider Large Rubber Coated Nylon Net - #1 on best nets for northern pike fishing list

The EGO S2 Slider Large Rubber Coated Nylon Net is one of the best choices you can make if you are looking for a good Northern Pike fishing net.

The size of this net is very good. The net bag depth is 31 inches, and it has a 19 inch by 21-inch hoop size.

I also like this model because of the rubber coated nylon mesh, which makes it easy to untangle your lures from it – but also helps to protect the fish when you are landing them.

This net also has the ability to go from a 29-inch handle to a 60-inch handle depending on your fishing situation. All you do is hit a button and pull on the handle to make it larger, so if you need extra reach this net can provide it for you!

EGO does a really nice job of creating durable nets that really feel good in your hands – and this net is no exception. It also comes in black, which I’m told can be important!

These nets are usually right around $80 – and provide a great value for all the features you are getting.

For most northern pike fisherman, this is our number 1 recommendation based on price, durability, and flexibility. Of course, we do have a slightly different recommendation for you if you are fishing for trophy northern pike!

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Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna Teardrop Landing Net

Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna Teardrop Landing Net - Great northern pike fishing net

If your plan is to catch really big northern – the Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna Teardrop Landing Net is the net for you.

The mesh holes of this net are larger – 1 ¾ inches – which really reduces drag in the water and makes it easier for to net fish. It has a tangle free, knotless net design which makes the net gentler on fish.

It also has a 40” x 44” hoop and that extra-large net depth is designed for large trophy fish. It is a flat bottom net which also helps you handle large fish.

It is a 48-inch slide handle which should provide you with plenty of room to net a fish.

Frabill is known for making some of the most durable fishing nets in the industry. They are so confident in their products that this net comes with a limited lifetime warranty – and this is a net that you won’t have to worry about replacing when you buy it.

This is one of the more expensive net options being right around $220 – but you are also buying one of the highest quality northern pike fishing nets you can possibly buy!

This is our number one recommendation for serious anglers looking to land big northerns.

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EGO Large Landing Net

EGO Large Landing Net

The EGO Large Landing Net is a well-sized, durable fishing net that is also very affordable.

The bag depth (net depth) is 31 inches making it large enough to handle long fish like northern pike.

The hoop size is 19 inches by 21 inches, and the net holes are large enough to help this net move efficiently thru the water.

The mesh itself is a non-tangle nylon mesh, and the design of the net really helps you get a strong grip on it, which is incredibly important when scooping up a northern.

This net offers a nice combination of strength, durability, mobility in the water – and with a price point of right around $40, it makes a great addition to anyone’s northern pike fishing gear collection.

We would recommend this net for anyone that is looking for a good net – but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on one. For examples, beginners & the occasional pike fisherman might want to take a look at this one!

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Ranger “Big Game” Landing Net

Ranger Big Game Landing Net

I would consider a northern pike to be “big game” in the fishing world- so it only makes sense to include the Ranger “Big Game” Landing Net onto our list of the best fishing nets for northern pike.

You are going to like the size of this net. It has a 48-inch handle, 34 x 32-inch hoop, and a net depth of 48-inches!

If you are catching a northern that doesn’t fit into this net, you should be one happy camper!

This net is made in the USA and provides a very nice mixture of comfort and durability.

It also has a sleek black design that I really like.

The price point is also very good – right in that $60 to $70 range normally.

This landing net doesn’t have all of the bells & whistles some of the other options do, but is just a very dependable net that most anglers will be very happy with!

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StowMaster Tournament Series Precision Muskie Landing Net

StowMaster Tournament Series Precision Muskie Landing Net

Okay, so technically the StowMaster Tournament Series Precision Muskie Landing Net is for Muskie – but a northern pike is related to a Muskie – so I’m going to say it is okay to use for pike fishing!

This is another net that is made for serious fisherman, looking to catch really big fish.

It is made from a very durable aluminum alloy, with a unique design that doesn’t slip or twist in your hand.

It is a rubber-dipped nylon net that is very gentle on fish and also makes it really easy to remove your fishing lure from.

Size is key with a northern pike fishing net, and this one has a hoop that measures 36 x 38 inches, with a 48-inch deep bag.

StowMaster makes this net in the United States, and when you buy it you are getting an incredibly durable, tournament quality net that is going to last you a very long time!

You are going to spend a little extra on this net, but you are going to be very happy you did when you are netting that big fish!

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6 Great Tips for Picking a Northern Pike Fishing Net

1.) Net Hole/Mesh Size – For pike fishing, the minimum mesh hole I would recommend is an inch. For big fish, a hole size of 1.5 to 2 inches is a really good idea. The reason for this is the larger the holes, the less water resistance against the net – making it easier to move the net in the water & easier for you to scoop out large pike! It is very difficult to maneuver a net and scoop up a large pike when you are fighting against the water.

2.) Hoop Size – You need a large hoop size to fit large northern. A regular fly fishing net, or even a net that you use while bass or crappie fishing – won’t be large enough to handle a big pike. That means you might need to buy a separate net just for pike fishing! You also want to make sure the net is plenty deep – again large fish just need a large net.

3.) Handle Length – I am flexible on handle length depending on your fishing situation. What I will advise you on is a smaller handle makes the net easier to maneuver. The downside is you must be close to the fish to net them. Longer handles are better for bigger lakes and bigger boats where waves and other factors really make you reach to get to the fish. I lean towards a smaller handle, but it does depend where you are going to be fishing.

4.) Handle Material – I recommend an aluminum or fiberglass material for the handle. Those materials are very lightweight and easy to handle, which you need for pike fishing. No matter what material you pick, make sure it is going to be durable and it has a reinforced construction for durability & extra strength. You want a net that is going to last and can handle scooping up large fish.

5.) Netting Materials – Most nets are either rubber, coated nylon, or non-coated nylon. Coated nylon and rubber are best, especially for catch and release fishing because they prevent scales from being scraped off & the protective fish slime from being removed.

6.) Color – I’ve always been told to go with a black net with black mesh if possible because the dark color won’t spook the fish when in the water. I can’t promise this is 100% accurate, but who am I to argue with my parents & grandparents?

Final Thoughts

We sometimes forget just how important a good fishing net is going to be when pike fishing. It is a piece of equipment that is easily overlooked, but trying to land a large pike in an old trout net is going to create a world of difficulties.

So please, follow those tips I listed, check out our list of the top nets, and make sure your son is armed with the best pike fishing net possible – otherwise you may find yourself a little bit sad when your son doesn’t net your fish properly. Sorry dad.

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