The Best Fishing Nets (Landing Nets) on the Market Today

Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing Net
Use our list of the best fishing nets to make sure you pick the best one!

I think for most of us, fishing brings us closer to nature and helps conjure up some great memories.

Those memories might be fishing with your kids, or dad, or grandpa – or maybe all those things.

For me, some of my best memories are netting giant fish, or losing giant fish due to poor netting techniques!

It really doesn’t matter what type of species of fish you are gunning for, having the right type of equipment is vitally important.

One piece of equipment that is often overlooked is having a great fishing net. A good fishing net can help you secure your large fish and make that fishing story epic.

Or, a bad fishing net (or the wrong fishing net) can lead to a disaster when trying to land that giant fish and turn your fishing story into an unintentional comedy!

Our hope is to make your fishing memories and stories as good as possible, so here is an extensive list of the best fishing nets on the market today – with great individual reviews about each of those best landing nets!

Quick List of the Best Fishing Nets

Here is a quick list of the best fishing nets. Please continue to read on to see a much more detailed review about each line of fishing nets, different options to pick from in those different fishing net lines, a quick frequently asked questions section, tips on picking landing nets, and of course some other useful links! Enjoy!

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is going to be a lot of subjectivity on what are the best fishing nets. Different anglers are going to be looking for different features. The biggest factor that went into this list was providing readers a list of the BEST lines of fishing nets. Most of these fishing net lines have an incredible amount of options: meaning you will be able to find the handle length, net materials, hoop size, price, and other factors that meet your individual needs.

All these nets are fantastic and will make a great addition to your fishing gear collection!

#1Frabill Conservation Series Landing NetsFrabill Conservation Series Landing Net
#2EGO S2 Slider NetsEGO S2 Slider Medium Fishing Net
#3Frabill Power Catch Fishing NetsFrabill Power Catch Fishing Nets
#4StowMaster Tournament Series NetsStowMaster Tournament Series Fishing Nets
#5Ranger Big Game Landing NetsRanger Big Game Landing Nets
#6EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Fishing NetsEGO 75261 Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Fishing Net
#7KastKing MadBite Foldable Fishing NetsKastKing MadBite Foldable Fishing Net
#8Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing NetsFrabill Pro-Formance Fishing Net
#9Drifter Predator XL Musky NetPredator XL Musky Net
#10PLUSINNO Fishing NetsPlusinno Fishing Nets
A comprehensive list of the best fishing nets.

The Frabill Conservation Series Landing Nets

The best landing fishing nets - Frabill Conservation SeriesAt this point in my life, I’m a big catch and release angler – not counting certain walleye fishing trips. So, when I buy a fishing net, I’m really looking at how much it protects the fish during my catch and release sessions.

With that being a very important feature to me, the Frabill Conservation Series Nets are on the top of my list of best fishing nets.

These nets were specifically designed with catch and release fishing in mind. All these nets feature 100% knotless mesh, which will eliminate injuries caused to fish due to cheap fishing nets. This mesh does have a tangle-free coating that will hopefully prevent your hooks from getting all tangled up.

These nets have a flat bottom, which prevent fish from rolling and causing injuries there. The handles are also reinforced to make sure these nets can handle the weight of large fish and provide you with a net you don’t have to worry about breaking.

To make sure you find a net that fits your individual fishing needs, this line of nets has numerous options including:

17” x 19” Rubber Saltwater Net

20” x 23” Conservation Series Net

23” x 26” Conservation net with Telescoping Handle

26” x 30” Landing Net with Telescoping Handle

29” x 34” Landing Net

32” x 41” Landing Net

Because these nets were designed to protect fish, I have them number 1 on my list of the best fishing nets – but there are numerous great choices you can pick from! And some of these nets listed below might be a better fit for some of your personal fishing needs!

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EGO S2 Slider Nets

Best Landing Nets for Fishing - EGO Slider NetsFor most anglers, the line of EGO S2 Slider Nets is going to perfect for their everyday fishing adventures. If your preferred fishing trips include netting bass, walleyes, and other similar species – the line of EGO S2 Slider Medium Landing Nets is going to be perfect for you!

These nets will have a hoop size of 17 inches by 19 inches and a bag depth of 15 inches. This might be small for pike and musky but should handle most species with ease.

You can pick from nylon mesh, clear rubber mesh, regular rubber mesh, and PVC coated mesh for the net material depending on your personal preference.

Like the name implies, the handle can be extended. When it is locked in to its shortest length, it is 29 inches long. But it can be expanded out to 60 inches to give you that expanded reach if necessary.

It has a great grip system making it easy to handle, it is a very durable line of nets, and it even floats if you accidentally drop it overboard.

If you like the Slider Net concept, but need a slightly larger option, the S2 Slider Large Landing Nets could be a better option for you.

Most of the hoops in this net line are going to be 19 inches by 21 inches, with a PVC coated mesh option that is 22 inches by 23 inches.

They also come in varying net material types including clear rubber mesh, nylon mesh, PVC coated mesh, and rubber mesh.

These handles will also extend from 29 inches to 60 inches and can handle some of those slightly larger fish.

Now for those that are saying that handle just isn’t long enough for me, don’t worry – EGO S2 Slider Nets also have a “reach line” and the EGO S2 Slider Reach Nets will extend from 48” to 108-inches! That reach should meet the needs of most anglers.

You have an EGO S2 Slider Reach Landing Net in Medium Size, and the EGO S2 Slider Reach Landing Net Large Net.

This line of nets is amazing, and it is easy to see why we ranked them #2 on our list of the best fishing nets!

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Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets

The Frabill Power Catch Net - best fishing nets!

If you are looking for a fishing net on the larger size, that presents a great combination of durability, high quality materials, and is easy to use – I must recommend the Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets line.

All of these nets are going to use great materials and have a knotless-mesh hoop design that protects fish and helps keep your lures from getting snagged.

Like most of the nets included on this list of the best fishing nets – there are going to be numerous sizes of hoop and handle to pick from based on your preferred style of fishing.

With most of the options having at least a 48-Inch bag depth and at least a 32″ x 41″ hoop size; these nets are perfect for fishing for larger species of fish.

And since they are designed to handle large fish, you know the handle and hoop are going to be made with those durable materials that you need!

Frabill 26″ x 30″ W/ 48″ Handle

Frabill 32″ x 41″ Power Catch W/ 48″ Handle (48-Inch Bag Depth)

Frabill 32″ x 41″ Power Catch W/ 48″ Handle (60-Inch Bag Depth)

Frabill 32″ x 41″ Power Catch W/ 72″ Handle (48-Inch Bag Depth)

Frabill 32″ x 41″ Power Catch W/ 72″ Handle (60-Inch Bag Depth)

Frabill 32″ x 41″ Power Catch Specialty Fishing Net

Frabill 40″ x 44″ Power Catch “Big Kahuna”

These nets are great for pike and muskie fishing – and will provide a great addition to anyone’s fishing gear collection!

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StowMaster Tournament Series Nets

The Best Fishing Nets - StowMaster Tournament SeriesI am personally a huge fan of StowMaster Nets – which are produced by Norsemen Outdoors, Inc – a U.S. company located in Lake Mills, IA. I not only love the fact they are from my home state of Iowa, but the unique designs and high-quality materials make these nets fantastic.

The line of StowMaster Nets that I think are the best are the StowMaster Tournament Series Nets. The biggest selling factor to me is the patented folding design which makes these nets easy to store & easy to transport- which I greatly appreciate.

These hoop and handle for these nets are made from extremely durable aluminum – so durable in fact that they have a lifetime warranty against breakage.

The knotless mesh is fish friendly, and quite frankly, the attention to detail on these nets are incredible.

Handle and hoop sizes are going to vary based on which net in this series your purchase, which leads directly to another huge selling point for these nets – StowMaster was even kind enough to produce specific Tournament Series Nets for different species – making it easy for you to pick a net based on your preferred fishing type.

Tournament Series Nets designed for Specific Species include:

Tournament Series Crappie Net

Tournament Series Bass Net

Tournament Series Walleye & Bass Net

Tournament Series Salmon & Pike Net

Tournament Series Muskie Net

Tournament Series Kayak Fishing Net

Don’t let the name fool you – these nets are great for tournament fishing, but they are also perfect for us anglers that just want high quality gear!

You won’t be disappointed in this line of nets, and the StowMaster Tournament Series of nets belongs at the top of any list of the best fishing nets!

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Ranger Big Game Landing Nets

Best Landing Nets - Ranger Big Game NetsFull disclosure – most of the fishing I do is going to be for walleyes, bass, or northern pike. Occasionally, I’ll do some trout fishing or hook some catfish, but those other species are my top choices.

That means I prefer nets that have some species flexibility to them, but also are large enough to handle large bass, walleye, or pike. That is why I’m a huge fan of the Ranger Big Game Landing Nets Series!

Because this line of nets is created for larger species of fish, they are made to be extremely durable. Most of them are made with heavy-duty aluminum hoops, aluminum handles, and the hoop has extra reinforcement at the connection point to the handle. There are a few models that have fiberglass handles that are even more durable.

These nets also come in a variety of hoop sizes and handle types – meaning you don’t have to buy the biggest version of this net if you aren’t going to be doing much pike and muskie fishing. However, if you like to fish for those species, you can buy a net that can handle that size of fish.

Some of the most popular sizes of Ranger Big Game Nets Include:

48-inch handle with 27 x 30-inch hoop

48-inch handle with 24 x 25-inch hoop

48-inch handle with 34 x 31-inch hoop

36-inch handle with 25 x 24-inch hoop

48-inch handle with 30 x 29-inch hoop

36-inch handle with 19 x 19-inch hoop

48-inch handle with 40 x 37-inch hoop (this is for those big lunkers!)

With this much variety, there is no way you shouldn’t be able to find a net that fits your needs. Plus, you get a made in the U.S.A net that is going to be dependable and very affordable!

Great option on our list of the best fishing nets!

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EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis

Best all-around fishing nets - EGO Kryptek S1 GenesisOne of my favorite things about this line of EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Fishing Nets is their look. They look great with this neat “camo” style design. Besides the look, the functionality and durability of these nets are also top notch!

All of the nets in this series will float, so if you do accidentally drop your net overboard, you don’t have to worry about losing it. These nets also have a removable handle which serves a dual purpose. One, there are numerous different net heads that can be attached to the handle based on your fishing needs.

Two, the removable handle makes it super easy to store. That compact design helps make it easy to store on a boat, or even in a shed or closet during winter time (depending on where you live).

There are basically 4 sizes of these nets – a 6” inch wade handle version, a 13” small handle version, a 25” medium handle version, and a large 31” handle version. These different sizes can be combined with different hoop sizes and mesh sizes to create the perfect fishing net!

Plus, the pricing on these nets is great!

Here are some of the different options you can pick from:

EGO Wade Kryptek 6-Inch Handle; 17” x 19” Hoop Nylon

EGO Wade Kryptek 6-Inch Handle: 17” x 19” Rubber Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Small Nylon Net – 13-Inch Handle and 14” x 16” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Nylon Net – 25-Inch Handle 17” x 19” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium PVC Coated Net – 25-Inch Handle 17” x 19” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Rubber Net – 25-Inch Handle 17” x 19” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Clear Rubber Net – 25-Inch Handle 17” x 19” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Large Nylon Net -31-Inch Handle 19” x 21” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Large Clear Rubber Net – 31-Inch Handle 19” x 21” Hoop

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Large Deep Rubber Net – 31-Inch Handle 19” x 21” Hoop

All of these nets are great – and are a perfect choice for most day to day fishing trips that might land you a variety of species.

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KastKing MadBite Foldable Fishing Net

KastKing MadBite - best foldable fishing netsI actually first took note of KastKing due to their unique and effective lines of fishing rods and reels – but was very surprised with how popular the KastKing MadBite Foldable Fishing Nets were with anglers.

If you aren’t familiar with KastKing – they are a relatively new company specializing in fishing gear. They started in New York in 2013 and have sold their products to anglers in over 150 countries since that launch according to their website. Today, they pride themselves on producing equipment “Designed by anglers for anglers” and “keeping fishing fun” – which are great things to pride yourself on as a company!

Getting back to their line of fishing nets, these are the most affordable options on our list. Besides the amazing price, these nets fold and collapse for easy storage – they even come with a storage case.

They are going to be made with an aluminum handle and net frame – these gives you a great mixture of durability but also keeps the never lightweight. These handles will also extend based on the option you pick to either 45” or 76.”

The net is going be rubber coated to prevent hooks from getting tangled but to also help protect the fish during catch and release fishing.

There are two great options when it comes to this landing net.

1.) 20-Inches Long x 16-inches wide x 20-inches Deep – Handle extends to 45”

2.) 24-Inches Long x 20-Inches wide x 24-inches Deep – Handle extends to 76”

KastKing also has a line of non-foldable nets that are even more affordable! They aren’t quite as cool as the folding options, but they are still very effective fishing nets!

Click Here for some information on their other nets: KastKing MadBite Catch & Release Nets.

If you are looking for a great net at a great price, these fishing nets from KastKing are fantastic! They were a must on our list of the best fishing nets on the market today!

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Frabill Pro-Formance Nets

The Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing NetsOne of your newest fishing net options is the Frabill Pro-Formance line of fishing nets. Frabill describes these nets as “series nets designed for serious fishermen. Designed by members of Frabill’s National Pro-Staff Team.” – according to their website.

There are literally numerous different options you can pick from with various shapes, hoop sizes, net depths, handle types, and various other features they help you select the right type of fishing net for your situation.

All these nets will have a limited lifetime warranty and are going to be made from the same great materials you should expect from Frabill Nets.

Here are some of the most popular options:

Frabill Pro-Formance Scooper Style – 21″ x 25″ – 32″ Net Depth

Frabill Pro-Formance – 21″ x 25″ – 36″ Bag Depth – VERY HIGHLY RATED

Frabill Pro-Formance – 23″ x 26″ – 42″ Net Depth

Frabill Pro-Formance – 23″ x 26″ (Rubber Net)

Frabill Pro-Formance – 26″ x 30″ – 44″ Net Depth– VERY POPULAR OPTION

Frabill Pro-Formance Halibut Teardrop Landing Net – 26″ x 30″ flat bottom net

Frabill Pro-Formance – 26″ x 30″ – 38″ Net Depth

Frabill Pro-Formance – 26″ x 30″ – 38″ Net Depth – 48 Inch to 96 Inch Telescoping Handle

Frabill Pro-Formance – 29″ x 34″ – 48″ Slide Handle

Frabill Pro-Formance – 29″ x 34″ – 48″ Net Depth (Scooper Style)

Frabill Pro-Formance – 32″ x 41″ – 60″ Net Depth

Frabill Pro-Formance Economy – 32″ x 41″ – Cheaper 32″ x 41″ option (stainless steel)

Frabill Pro-Formance – 32″ x 41″ – 42″ Net Depth with 48″ Slide Handle

Frabill Pro-Formance – 32″ x 41″ – 48″ Net Depth

Frabill Pro-Formance Northwest Teardrop Landing Net

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Drifter Predator Series Musky Nets

The Drifter Predator XL Musky NetBecause of how much I love Musky Fishing, I had to include a specialty musky net on our list of the best fishing nets.

For you musky anglers, I would recommend looking at the Drifter Predator Series Musky Nets.

These nets are created specifically for giant fish. This means you are going to have reinforced hoops and incredibly durable materials. The XL version of this net is rated to scoop fish that weigh up to 60 pounds! That is a giant musky!

The net handle has what Drifter calls a “T-Grip” handle. This “T-Grip” helps you control the net and makes scooping up the fish easier.

The net bag will be rubber coated, which is especially important for musky fishing where you are normally doing everything you can to make sure the fish is safely released.

The hoop size of the XL net is 37” x 35” and is 36” deep – which should provide plenty of space to safely secure your musky (or other giant fish) inside of the net.

This fishing net is obviously not going to be perfect for everyone. But if you like to venture into the world of musky fishing from time to time, this is a great net for you to have during those special fishing trips.

We did an article specifically targeted on Musky Fishing Nets, so if you would like more information about the Best Musky Fishing Nets, please click on the link!

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PLUSINNO Fishing Nets

PLUSINNO NETS- VERY POPULAR CHOICEIf you are someone that is going to take a handful of fishing trips a year but doesn’t spend so much time on the water that you need the best of the best when it comes to fishing nets, I would recommend PLUSINNO Fishing Nets.

This line of fishing nets provides a well-built net at a very reasonable price. That makes them perfect for the angler that needs a dependable fishing net a few times a year.

They come with a knotless nylon mesh that is fish friendly and tangle friendly, making it a good option for catch and release fishing.

They pole is made from a mixture of fiberglass and other materials to provide a very durable net.

There are a few different size options you can pick from depending on what you are looking for, and the cost should be less than $50.00. You can pick from a variety of telescopic poles and other features to ensure you have the right net for you.

These nets are extremely popular and very highly rated on different shopping sites like Amazon.  The best advice I can give about them, is if you aren’t looking for the most expensive nets because you aren’t the most avid angler, these nets would be perfect for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing Nets

Question: What is a telescopic fishing net pole?

Answer: Telescopic means the handle can be extended and collapsed to different lengths and locked into place based on your length needs.

Tips for Picking the Best Fishing Nets

1.) Color- There are a lot of anglers that swear you should have a black colored net, especially for muskie or pike fishing, so you don’t spook the fish when netting them. I’ll be completely honest with you, I have no idea if this is true or just old angler superstition – but it is something to keep in mind.

2.) Handle Length – Make sure you pick a fishing net that has the right handle length. Depending on if you do a lot of bank fishing, or what type of fishing boat you are in – you might need a different sized handle.

A telescopic handle could be right for you because the handle length will change based on your needs. The downsides to longer handles are they can be harder to store and more difficult to handle.

3.) Net Mesh Materials – Rubber nets are great for catch and release fishing because they are gentlest on the fish. Nylon and coated nylon are typically used when you are planning on keeping the fish, but if they are knotless can also be used very effectively for catch and release fishing.

4.) Net Hole Size & Bag Depth – Nets that have larger holes are easier to maneuver in the water and are easier to lift heavier fish with. Bigger fish generally mean you want a bigger net hole size. You also want a deeper bag depth for the larger species of fish. Smaller fish means you don’t need as large of a hole size or bag depth.

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