Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Fishing Net Review

Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Fishing Net
The Unique Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Fishing Net!

If you love fishing from your kayak or paddle board – (or even if you find yourself fishing by yourself more often than not) – you need to check out the new Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Fishing Net!

Frabill understands how difficult it can be to net a fish when you are balancing your paddle board or kayak & holding your fishing rod in one hand. So, they specifically designed this net to be easy to grip and easy to use with that one spare hand that you have!

Here is our review of the Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Landing Net – with all the details you will need to know before buying!

Frabill Bearclaw Fishing Net Specs

Here is quick graphic showing off all the important information of these fishing nets – but please read on to see a much more detailed review about each one!

Hoop Size:14" x 18"
Handle Length:18"
Net Depth:11"
Bottom Type:Flat
Material:100% Knotless Mesh
The Frabill Bearclaw Fishing Net Specs
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Handle Design

The Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw Fishing Net Grip
This unique design helps you land fish!

Let’s start with the most unique feature of this fishing net – the handle design! Like we said above, this design really was created with the solo angler in mind – giving them the best opportunity to land their catch!

The best way to describe this handle is two side bars that have a grip in between them towards the top – and a brace at the bottom that leans into your forearm to give you control of the net. Better yet, check out the picture to the right to see how it locks into your arm!

The bar/grip is built to maximize your net control & grip – and is perfect for the 1-handed scoop action that is going to get the fish into your kayak!

The handle length is 18” making it really easy to store on kayaks or boats.

This revolutionary handle design is one of the biggest reasons we recommend these fishing nets!

Net Materials & Size

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We are big into catch and release fishing – so we were very happy to see this net is made from 100% knotless mesh netting that is coated to prevent injuries to fish.

The net also has a flat-bottom design with a 14” x 18” hoop size. The net depth is 11” making it a great trout, bass, or panfish fishing net. Might be a little small for northern pike or muskie…but I’m not sure I’d be fishing for those on a kayak anyways! (If you are interested in nets for those species, check out these reviews on the best Northern Pike Fishing Nets & the Best Muskie Fishing Nets).

Handle Light

This built-in light is great for night fishing!

There is a version of this net that they call the Bearclaw Night – which has a really cool light built into the net itself. Where the handle meets the net, there is a light that can be turned on to illuminate the entire net hoop!

To help with that illumination, the net is built with some reflective materials that makes it even brighter and easier to see.

There is a version of this net that doesn’t have the light as well – so just make sure you are purchasing the right one if you are a big fan of nighttime (or early morning) fishing!

Final Thoughts

This is an awesome net that is perfect for kayak fishing, shore fishing, pier fishing, paddle boat fishing, and basically any situation that sees you trying to net fish all by yourself. It will handle most freshwater fishing species – and is so easy to store as well!

We strongly recommend this net due to its size, materials, unique handle, and all together awesome build. The cost is nice as well!

So, if you are in the market for a great fishing net – you need to check this one out!

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