The Best Telescopic Fishing Nets

Closed Frabill Hiber-Net - Best Telescopic Fishing Net

I think most of us have heard of telescopic fishing rods by now – but many of us do not seem to realize there are some great telescopic fishing nets available on the market now as well!

What is the best telescopic fishing net? The best telescopic fishing net on the market today is the Frabill Hiber-Net!

There are a lot of lists and places saying they are telescopic fishing nets – but if it requires you to take apart the net, you aren’t truly a telescopic net! We have disqualified those nets and looked at landing nets that truly one unit – with no disassembly required when storing or not in use! That picture to the right – that is actually what this net looks like when it is fully closed – and there is a net inside waiting to come out!

So please enjoy this review and see why the Frabill Hiber-Net is the best telescopic landing net you can buy today!

First: What is a Telescopic Fishing Net?

In case you weren’t aware, a true telescopic fishing net is a fishing net where the net/hoop can be collapsed into the pole to completely close when not in use; and it can easily be extended back out when in use. The entire fishing net stays as one unit – there isn’t any removing of the hoop, or taking apart screws, or removing pieces – it really is all contained in one unit.

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The Benefits of a Telescopic Fishing Net

Why buy a telescopic fishing net? The short answer to that question is because of how easy it is to store.

Since the net can be collapsed into itself, you can easily store this net on a boat, in a locker, or even in your kayak where space is truly limited. The netting itself collapses into the handle, so you don’t have to worry about the netting getting tangled with hooks and other fishing lures.

Also, for those of us that like to hunt large fish like Northern Pike (which you know we do) – those nets are HUGE! There are some really large telescopic fishing nets that won’t take up so much space on your boat but can still handle some of those large species of fish.

Ease of storage, not taking up all that space on your boat, but still having a landing net you can depend on make these telescopic fishing rods a great option for many anglers!

The Frabill Hiber-Net

Frabill Hiber-Net Buy Here - Best Telescopic Fishing Net

There are a few reasons why we consider the Frabill Hiber-Net to be the best telescopic fishing net. Reason #1 is going to be the incredible design.

How this net works is really simple. You have a grip on the handle that you push forward towards the end of the handle to open the hoop. With a push and a twist – in a matter of seconds you will have a fully functional fishing net. When you are done with the net, push the grip down towards the bottom of handle and the net will collapse right back into itself. It takes a little bit of force to get it moving, but nothing you can’t handle.

Besides the great design, the net itself is a knotless mesh that won’t harm fish if you are fishing with catch and release methods.

The materials are very durable, and the quality is very high – what you would expect from Frabill which has been producing fishing gear for about 80 years.

The other big reason we had to rank this #1 is the selection. There are three different sizes of this telescopic fishing net you can purchase. The small option is perfect for kayakers, the medium sized version is what most of us walleye and bass anglers would use, and the large version can handle those big species of fish without taking over your entire boat!

Here are the specs of those fishing nets:

Model NumberHoop SizeHandle LengthNet DepthBuy Here Link
360118" x 18"40"11"Buy Here
360023" x 22"52"30"Buy Here
360229" x 29" 72"40"Buy Here
The Best Telescopic Fishing Nets

With an amazing design, a great selection, and just a fantastic quality – you can see why we consider this the best telescopic landing nets.

And oh yeah, the cost is under $100 – so that is awesome as well!

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Final Thoughts & Links of Interest

To risk sounding like a broken record, you can see why we ranked the Frabill Hiber-Net the number one telescopic fishing net. It is an actual telescopic landing net – which is a big deal!

Of course, we also understand that some people don’t need a telescopic fishing net; they want that traditional fishing net blowing in the wind. That is okay too – here are some great reviews of more traditional fishing nets you might be interested in:

Between this fishing nets listed in the articles above & this review on the best telescopic options: I’m thinking you are going to able to find the right fishing net for your fun fishing adventures!