The Best Fishing Nets for Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing net
Trout Fishing is unique – make sure you have the right gear.

Growing up in Iowa, there is actually some surprisingly good trout fishing streams in Northeast Iowa. Luckily for me, my grandparents lived in that area – and one of my grandpa’s favorite things to do was take us kids trout fishing.

This is where I learned the nuances of trout fishing – which wasn’t even close to the same fishing techniques I was learning from my dad when we were pike fishing, bass fishing, or walleye fishing.

Let’s just say my dad didn’t have the patience to sit on shore and slowly let those trout nibble on your live bait – he would much rather cast out a large crankbait and wait for those large fish to slam it.

I have some amazing memories of trout fishing with my grandpa, and I think my siblings have many of those as well.

But trout fishing is unique. You want to make sure you have the right gear – and you want to learn the right fishing techniques to make sure your trout fishing experience is as successful as possible.

It is also a good idea to make sure you have the right type of trout fishing net – whether you are fishing from shore, or you venture out into the water to work on your fly fishing techniques.

So, for that reason, we put together our list of the best trout fishing nets – that way you can make sure you are landing all those beautiful trout you are catching – and not causing them any harm if you are big into catch and release fishing.

Quick Best Trout Fishing Nets Chart

Here is a quick list of the best trout fishing nets. Below this list is a much more detailed review of each individual net listed. Enjoy – this list should make it really easy for you to find that perfect trout net!

Rank DescriptionPicture
#1EGO Blackwater Trout Net
#2Frabill Tear Drop Trout Net
#3Frabill 11 x 15 Inch Trout Net
#4Ranger Trout Landing Nets
#5Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net
#6YONGZHI Trout Catch and Release Fly Fishing Net
#7The Ego Large Trout Net
#8Crystal River Live Release Net
Here is a quick list of the best trout fishing nets.

EGO Blackwater Trout Net

The EGO Blackwater Trout Net - the best trout fishing netsAny angler that is big into trout fishing or fly fishing is going to love the EGO Blackwater Trout Net. This trout landing net has a ton of special features that makes it our top choice in our list of the best trout fishing nets.

It starts with the handle, which is 11 inches in length, and has an easy to grip design.

The net hoop is 10.5 inches x 15 inches – and has a bag depth of about 11 inches. This should be plenty large enough for most fly fishing and stream trout fishing experiences!

The mesh bag is a coated PVC material that is easy on fish. There is also a unique ruler built into the net that allows you to measure your fish without handling them. This unique feature is perfect for catch and release trout anglers! You can measure your trout and release it without every handling it!

The net also only weighs .7 pounds – which is going to make it super easy to transport to your favorite fishing spot off the beaten path!

This new trout fishing net has all the features we are looking for in a trout net and makes it an easy pick for our top spot on our list of best trout fishing nets.

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Frabill Tear Drop Trout Net

The Frabill Tear Drop Net - best trout landing netsIf you are looking for a trout net with a long handle, we need to recommend the Frabill Tear Drop 24-Inch Fixed Handle Trout Net as the best option for you. This is perfect for those anglers that do trout fish in a boat, from a steeper creek bank, or for those that don’t really want to bend over while fishing in a stream.

Beside the 24-inch handle that gives you a great reach, the net loop itself is 12” x 16” and about 14 inches deep. The hole size of the net is 3/8 of an inch – which makes it super easy to maneuver under water.

The net is made from a “molded thermos-plastic rubber” which helps to support the fish and protect them from injury. This material also helps prevent the tangling of hooks into the net itself – which annoys all us anglers.

This is our number one recommendation for best trout fishing nets for those anglers that want an extended reach.

If you love the sound of this net, but you want a shorter (more traditional) handle – this net also comes in an identical option as what was listed above, except it is a 6-inch fixed handle vs. a 24-inch fixed handle.

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Frabill 11 x 15 Inch Trout Net

The Frabill 11 x 15 Net - very popular trout netFrabill actually makes about 11 different versions of trout nets, including the long-reach trout net listed above. This should give you plenty of options to pick from, but the most popular traditional trout net they make is the Frabill 11 x 15 Inch Trout Net.

Like the name implies, this net has a 11” x 15” teardrop hoop. That hoop has a 10” depth as well. It does include a lanyard with heavy duty clip – which is great for fly fisherman and canoers.

It net is made from a tangle-free micro mesh that should help protect the fish and prevent hook tangles.

The handle is 7 and 1/2 -inches long and made from a rubber material that provides a nice grip.

This net normally costs around $20, making it a great value for trout anglers.

Again, Frabill is a very good net company that has about 11 different variations. So if this popular 11 x 15 inch net, or the long reach option above don’t fit your needs, check out this link to see some of their other popular trout nets.

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Ranger Trout Landing Net

Ranger Trout Net - best trout fishing netsI’ve always been a fan of Ranger Nets – because of their high quality and the fact they are made in the United States!

Ranger also has a nice line of trout fishing nets – with the most popular being the basic Ranger Trout and Bass Landing Net.

Again, there are a few different sizes and variations of Ranger Trout Nets – but the one I really like is the Ranger Trout net with an 11-inch handle and the 14 x 18.5-inch peardrop shaped hoop & net.

The handle is 11 inches long and made from aluminum and topped off with a rubber grip that makes it easy to handle. It also has a cord that comes off the handle you can attach to your wrist – which is great for fly fisherman.

This is a highly regarded net that has a nice mixture of durability and features to make the net effective for trout fishing. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the higher options do – but the price tag is normally under $25.00 – which is fantastic.

If you are looking for a great trout net that is made in the U.S.A – this is the choice for you.

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Fishpond Nomad Emerger Fly Fishing Net

Fishpond Nomad Fishing NetThe Fishpond Nomad Emerger Fly Fishing Net is one of the best trout nets you can buy. It has numerous special features that help separate it from the rest of the pack. The only reason this trout landing net is listed higher, is because of the price. This is the most expensive net on the list, and it isn’t even close!

This net is made from a carbon fiber & fiberglass composite material. This makes it incredibly durable, but also incredibly lightweight.

This net is buoyant – so if you accidentally drop it into the water, you are going to be able to watch it float instead of sink!

You will also probably be impressed with the paint finish on the net frame. This paint is a special finish that is supposed to make it extremely easy to grip when wet.

The net itself is made from a rubber material that protective of fish and prevent tangles of hooks and lures.

It is 32 inches in length, incredibly durable, lightweight, and it even comes with a rubber storage bag. There isn’t much you don’t get with this net.

But you are going to spend around $150 on it, which is again why it isn’t the top net on our list.

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YONGZHI Trout Catch and Release Fly Fishing Net

YONGZHI Trout NetsIf you are big in to fly fishing, and you are big into catch and release fishing – you can probably understand why we inserted the YONGZHI Trout Catch and Release Fly Fishing Net to our list of the best trout fishing nets.

The net itself is made from a soft rubber material that doesn’t get tangled up and is incredibly gentle on the trout themselves.

Rubber is also very easy to clean and is resistant to mildew – with mildew being a problem from time to time on nylon nets.

The net material is clear because “it won’t spook the fish.” I don’t know if that is actually true – but lets go with it, who am I to disagree? The net size Is about 24 inches by 12 inches; and about 9-inches deep – so it should handle most trout with no problem at all.

The frame of the net is aluminum with a plastic grip. It is easy to handle, easy to carry, and easy to pack – which is why it is so popular for fly fishing.

This is just a great all-around trout fishing net – and if you are strictly fly fishing, this is a great option for you!

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The EGO Large Trout Net

The EGO Large Trout NetIf you are looking for a very basic trout net that is going to cost you under $20 – The EGO Large Trout Net is a very good choice.

There isn’t anything crazy special about this net. The hoop size is 13.5 inches by 17 inches, with a bag depth of 18 inches. This is a little larger hoop size and depth size when compared to a lot of other trout nets.

It is made from a non-tangle nylon mesh – so it isn’t my preferred material for catch and release trout fishing, but it should work okay.

The handle is small in size, about 8 inches in length. The handle is made from plastic but is well designed and easy to handle.

The net only weighs about half a pound, so it is very easy to carry and maneuver when scooping up fish.

This is just a solid trout net at a fantastic price. There is nothing special here, but it will do really well for anglers that are looking for anything special out of their trout net.

I guess you can say this is our top recommendation for the economical trout anglers among us!

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Crystal River Live Release Net

Crystal River Trout NetAnother great trout net option on our list of best trout fishing nets is the Crystal River Live Release Net – especially for fly fisherman & catch and release enthusiasts.

This net has a unique bow shape design that helps you easily scoop up trout. This design also minimizes any potential damage you can accidentally cause to the fish you are trying to release.

It is made from a high quality laminated hardwood – so it is our first wood net to make our list. That wood look does make it look pretty darn cool.

It has a nice mesh material net, and the hoop size is 14” x 7” in size.

It also has a removable elastic lanyard coming off the handle, so if you want that extra security around your wrist, it is easy to attach – if you don’t, it is very easy to remove.

This is a very affordable, entry level type of fly fishing trout net. The biggest complaint about this net is it does start to break down over time, but for about $15 – it is a very nice value for a trout net.

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Quick Tips for Picking out the Best Trout Fishing Nets

Tip 1 – make sure your net is easy to carry and easy to handle. If you are shore fishing, you do want a net that has enough of a reach to safely net your fish. If you are fly fishing, you want to make sure you have a net that is light and easy to use.

Tip 2 – make sure you like the grip. Especially if you are venturing out into a trout stream, you want a grip that doesn’t become overly slippery when wet.

Tip 3 – we recommend a net material like rubber that won’t snag your hooks. Nylon can tangle a little easier than some of those other materials.

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