Best 1-Pin Bow Sights for Hunting

bow hunter at dusk

If you’re unfamiliar with what specifically a 1-pin sight is, it’s a scope with just a single pin for hunting bows. One of the main advantages to choosing a 1-pin bow sight over 3 or … Read more

Razer Snake Gaiters Reviewed

Razer Snake Proof Gaiters

Razer Snake Gaiters Reviewed: Do They Hold Up? These are snake proof gaiters that look good, are comfortable, and offer the full protection you demand from venomous snake bites while you’re out hunting, hiking, or … Read more

Crackshot Snake Gaiters Review

Mossy oak Crackshot snake gaiters

Crackshot Snake Gaiters: Made in the USA Snake Bite Protection Look I understand the importance of snakes in an ecosystem, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them. While Jon and I have always … Read more

Carrying Boot Knives: Best Boot Knives Reviewed

black bladed boot knife on wood

Boot knives are an extremely popular type of survival (and potential self-defense) tool.  However there’s a lot that many people don’t know about these knives. Are they effective? Are boot knives legal to conceal carry? … Read more

Is it Legal to Hunt with Night Vision?

Two black bears caught on night camera

After reading up on hunting wild hogs, raccoons, and coyotes the advice came up repeatedly about hunting at night. However, there are many obvious potential disadvantages to hunting at night. Since no one in my … Read more

Best Winter Hunting Boots Reviewed

snowy field pine forest in distance

You don’t need me to tell you that there are many challenges to any given hunting season. For those of us who live in four season territory that includes wet snow piling up on the … Read more

Best Gunsmithing Books for Beginners

picture of old west gunsmith shop

If there’s one thing you need as a gunsmith, whether you’re just looking at getting started or are a twenty year old hand, is a library. There are so many different designs, gun types, gun … Read more

Best Shooting Spotting Scopes Reviewed

green spotting scope mounted on tripod

Shooting spotting scopes are a very useful accessory that every hunter or recreational shooter should add to their collection. Although some gun owners choose to use binoculars for their sighting needs, there are a lot … Read more

Best Shooting Ear Plugs Reviewed

orange earplug in ear

Anyone who enjoys hunting or recreational shooting should use proper hearing protection every time they fire their weapon. Although earmuffs are a great choice, there are many benefits to using ear plugs instead. For instance, … Read more

Best Spotting Scope Tripods for Shooters

black tripod

Many long-range hunters prefer to use spotting scopes over binoculars, and although there are several great reasons for this, without a quality tripod, you’ll have a hard time taking your game to the next level. … Read more