Razer Snake Gaiters Reviewed

Razer Snake Gaiters

Razer Snake Gaiters Reviewed: Do They Hold Up?

These are snake proof gaiters that look good, are comfortable, and offer the full protection you demand from venomous snake bites while you’re out hunting, hiking, or working your land. They are an excellent option when it comes to snake protection and a good investment for keeping the snake fangs out of your skin.

Major Features

  • Lightweight at a mere 13 ounces
  • 13 polycarbonate panels for maximum full lower leg protection
  • Straps allow for an adjustable fit
  • Strong puncture-resistant nylon materials
  • Comes with convenient nylon travel bag
  • Good for calf sizes up to 20 inches

These snake gaiters from Razer improve on an already impressive design to create an even better pair of snake proof gaiters. These are comfortable, fit even large calves, and offer full protection to the lower legs both front and back.

These are designed to be worn over jeans and boots, allowing them to adjust to whatever your needed outdoor gear is.

There’s a lot to like about what these lightweight yet strong pieces of protective clothing bring to the table.


Generally these come with a 30 day limited warranty. If you aren’t happy with them you have that amount of time to get a replacement or a refund.

First-Hand Impressions of Razer Gaiters

Razer anti-snake gaiters have done a really good job of looking at the top offerings in the industry and using what sets them apart to create an even better bit of snake protection for their customers.

These are comfortable with an adjustable fit that allows them to even offer full wrap-around protection to manual laborers with large muscular legs. The material has a nice firm roughness I want to see from gaiters like this because it indicates a really strong, hearty material.

You definitely don’t want soft when you’re trying to find off an angry rattler. You want material that can handle thorns, sticklers, and anything and everything that might take a hack at your lower legs while out and about.

These are extremely well-designed snake proof gaiters and they are pretty dang comfortable while also offering the flexibility and versatility that you expect. The only potential downside is these can get plenty warm during the day to create sweating on the legs.

That being said, that is a potential issue with any pair of snake gaiters that you might wear.

Razer Snake Gaiters vs. Rattler Snake Gaiters

The original snake gaiters when they went under the Rattler brand were solid. They were firm, offered great protection from snake bites, and fit well with what a hunter, rancher, or roughneck worker needs to get the job done in snake country.

There were some legitimate complaints with the old design, however, and most of them have been addressed with the new models. These are more comfortable, the fit is better, and they work better over a long period of time.

Good thing, too, seeing as how you need protection from venomous snake bites from water moccasins, rattlesnakes, and copperheads. Keep in mind while most snakes are docile, some can be aggressive. You even have the well-camouflaged baby copperheads who bite first and ask question later. Prevention is key not only to save money on terribly expensive medical bills but because snake bite kits don’t work.

Stop the problem before it comes one and you’ll be much happier as a result.

Final Grade

When this company originally came out with Rattler snake gaiters we were impressed. Now that they are Razer snake proof gaiters, we like them even more. An already good design has been improved to be even better.

While not perfect, and not quite to the level of the Crackshot Guardz snake gaiters, which we consider the best of the best, Razer snake gaiters are very well made and most buyers are going to be happy with them.

Final Grade: 8.5/10

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