The Lightest Sleeping Bags Reviewed

lightweight sleeping bag
A good lightweight sleeping bag is a must have for hikers and backpackers!

We wanted to continue our recent string of articles about sleeping bags with a quick review on the lightest sleeping bags! These ultralight sleeping bags are perfect for hikers and trekkers that like to camp off the beaten path.

While ultralight sleeping bags are great for hikers and backpackers – there are a couple of things you are going to want to investigate before your purchase yours!

The reason these sleeping bags are super light is because they don’t have a lot of materials to them – meaning most of them are meant for warmer weather camping, and aren’t ideal for those cold & windy nights.

They also tend to be a little smaller – fitting people up to 5’10” in size. Make sure the sleeping bag you pick is the right size for you!

Also if you are big into hiking, you will want a compression sack to go with your sleeping bag to make it easy to travel with.

As long as you check the temperature rating to make sure you are going to stay warm enough – and the sleeping bag you pick has all the features you need for your camping trip – a good lightweight sleeping bag will save you a lot of pack space & weight, making your camping trip very enjoyable!

Below is a detailed review of the best lightweight sleeping bags!


Here is a quick list of the lightest sleeping bags. Below this reference chart is a more detailed review of each individual lightweight sleeping bag.

The Lightest Sleeping Bags!

Sleeping Bag PictureDescriptionSleeping Bag Weight
OuterEQ Camping Sleeping Bag1.5 lbs!
OutdoorsmanLab Lightweight Sleeping Bag1.54 lbs!
Forbidden Road Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag1.6 lbs!
ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag1.65 lbs!
Ohuhu 75" x 34" Sleeping Bag1.72 lbs!
CAMTOA Outdoor Ultra-Light Envelope Sleeping Bag1.72 lbs!
Kaufland 40° Superlite Mummy Sleeping Bag 1.75 lbs!
Norsens Compact Lightweight Sleeping Bag2.0 lbs!
Outdoor Vitals 35° 3 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag2.125 lbs!
Teton Sports Journey +40°F Sleeping Bag2.3 lbs!


OuterEQ Camping Sleeping Bag – 1.5 pounds - the lightest sleeping bags
This is one of the lightest sleeping bags you can buy!

The lightest sleeping bag we have on our list is the OuterEQ Camping Sleeping Bag.

The weight is only 1.5 pounds, and it has a sleeping space of 30 inches by 75 inches (should fit people up to 5’11”).

From a temperature rating point of view, this sleeping bag is recommended for temperatures 48°F to 59°F, which should be fine for most summer camping trips (maybe even fall and spring camping trips based on where you are located).

It is a very simple, traditional design with a polyester cover and cotton liner – which should keep you very comfortable.

This sleeping bag is also machine washable – so don’t worry if it gets a little dirty. The materials are durable enough that you should have no problem using this sleeping bag multiple times.

There are some different colors you can pick from – including dark blue, light blue, army green, orange, and wine red. We recommended picking the color scheme you like best – which we are going to guess is dark blue.

Depending on what color scheme you pick, you will spend somewhere between $25 to $30 to buy these lightweight sleeping bags!


OUTDOORSMANLAB LIGHTWEIGHT SLEEPING BAG - lightest sleeping bags reviewed
Click the picture for current pricing of our #1 recommendation – the OutdoorsmanLab Sleeping Bag!

Second on our list of the 10 lightest sleeping bags we recommend is the OutdoorsmanLab Lightweight sleeping bag.

It just missed being the lightest sleeping bag by a few ounces, but still weighs only 1.54 pounds!

It does come with a compression sack that will help you shrink the sleeping bag down to a very manageable size when hiking (making it a perfect choice for hikers and backpackers).

What is unique about this sleeping bag is that it does have a built in pillow case that helps keep your head comfortable, and your pillow off the ground. It also helps keep your pillow from getting wet, or sliding off onto the dewy ground if you are sleeping outside!

The temperature rating is for between 50°F to 70°F – making this a summer sleeping bag in almost all cases.

OutdoorsmanLab is newer to the outdoor gear game, but they have very highly rated products when you read online reviews and a very loyal following.

You are going to spend about $30 for this sleeping bag, and if you are looking for an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag, this is our #1 recommendation due to its weight, cost, durability, and looks.


The Forbidden Road Lightweight Sleeping bag is another great choice!

The Forbidden Road Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag weighs in at 1.6 pounds, and also comes with a waterproof compression bag included! Got to have that compression sack to make these sleeping bags easy to travel with.

Designed from a mixture of nylon and polyester materials, this sleeping bag provides a sleeping space of 30” x 75”, which should be large enough for most adults. I also find these materials to be very comfortable, which is a big bonus in a sleeping bag.

It is recommended for temperatures over 50°F.

This sleeping bag does have the ability to be combined into one super large sleeping bag by having two individual sleeping bags zipped together into one. This feature is nice for multiple children looking to share a sleeping bag. If you are interested in sleeping bags for multiple people- check out this article we did on the best two person sleeping bags!

Forbidden Road provides you with lots of colors to pick from, including olive green, blue, royal blue, orange, red.

Due to its materials, make sure you don’t iron or put this sleeping bag into a dryer or you will be sorry.

I’ve seen these sleeping bags cost as much as $65 due to their slick materials and stylish look. I’ve also seen the price as low as $20 when on sale. Very high quality sleeping bag for a great price!


This is a very high quality sleepling bag!

This lightweight sleeping bag comes in at 1.65 pounds – with a sleeping space of 83 inches by 30 inches. That would fit your average sized adult no problem at all.

This is another sleeping bag that hikers and backpackers love – but the temperature rating of this sleeping bag recommends that you use it in temperatures of 50°F or higher.

It comes packed away in the included carrying bag, which can compress this sleeping bag to 7.5” in height. That is why you will see this sleeping bag appear on lists like this: The best sleeping bags for hiking.

One of the big selling points for this option is that it comes with a complete 1 year warranty – which just shows you how much faith ECOOPRO has in their product!

There are lots of different color schemes you can pick including dark blue, blue, red, orange, green, and khaki. If you love bright colors, the green and orange color schemes are really cool. If you are a traditionalist, dark blue and regular blue always seem to be very popular.

If it is not on sale, you can expect to pay around $50 for this sleeping bag, which is well worth the price to get this durable, easy to pack, and comfortable sleeping bag.


Looking for a great deal? This is your best choice than!

One of the lightest and best priced light weight sleeping bags you can buy is the Ohuhu 75” x 34” Sleeping Bag.

With a weight of 1.72 pounds and a sleeping space of 75” x 34” this sleeping bag will provide you with plenty of space!

The materials are water resistant and very comfortable. They use a nylon outer lining for durability and water resistance and a polyester inner filling for comfort!

There isn’t a lot of materials in this sleeping bag, so it is rated for a minimum temperature of 48°F, but from a comfort standpoint, you want to use it in temperatures of 55°F or warmer.

It does come with a carry bag which you can easily roll it up into, and the sack makes it easy to luge around when camping or hiking.

This is also a sleeping bag that has a left hand zipping sleeping bag and a right hand zipping sleeping bag. The reason for this is because both of those versions can be zipped together to make one very large sleeping space.

From a price standpoint this is one of the best values. This sleeping bag is normally around $20, which is a steal for a high quality lightweight sleeping bag!

If price is very important to you when picking out a sleeping bag, you might want to check out this list of the best discount sleeping bags!


This CAMTOA sleeping bag is very easy to travel with!

The CAMTOA Outdoor Sleeping Bag is only 1.72 lbs – and your sleeping space is 30 x 75 inches.

This isn’t the biggest sleeping bag in the world, but will fit those of us in the 5’10” range.

It is made from waterproof and comfortable materials, including a nylon shell on the outside and a 100% polyester filling.

Those materials are durable – and should keep you warm and dry (very important thing for camping).

It comes with a 4 strap compression bag that helps keeps the sleeping bag contained – making it very easy to travel with it.

From a temperature rating standpoint – this sleeping bag is recommended for usage in temperatures 59°F or higher.

There are some nice color choices with this sleeping bag as well, including deep blue, orange, army green, blue, and wine red. All of these colors look really good (even the bright ones like the orange option!).

From a pricing standpoint, this sleeping bag can cost up to $60 or so depending on the color choice you pick.


This is the lightest, most affordable mummy style sleeping bag!

The Kaufland 40°F Superlite Mummy Sleeping Bag is the lightest mummy style sleeping bag to make our list at 1.75 pounds!

That is super light for any mummy style sleeping bag!

The sleeping space is still very large despite the light weight – measuring 85 inches in length by 32 inches in width. That is larger than most of our other sleeping bags listed.

The outer lining and shell is made from polyester and it uses a microfiber fill that will keep you comfortable.

It does come with a compression sack for those looking for easy storage.

The big selling points for this sleeping bag besides its weight are the price and design. The mummy style helps keep your head off the ground and warm at night, which is why that design type is so popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

The cost is fantastic, right around the $25.00 mark. It’s hard to find any mummy style sleeping bag at that price. Plus the green and black color scheme doesn’t look to bad either.

This is a great choice for anybody that is looking for a well-designed, light weight, affordable, mummy style sleeping bag!


This is a great sleeping bag for hikers or campers in general.

The Norsens Compact Lightweight Sleeping Bag is another great choice for people that want a lightweight sleeping bag for their camping and hiking trips.

This is the first sleeping bag on the list to break the 2 pound mark – coming in right at 2 pounds. It is larger than a lot of options with a 79 inch x 33 sleeping space, which in theory can fit people up to 6 feet 5 inches.

It is made from 100% water-resistant materials on the outside and 100% cotton materials on the inside.

These materials make this sleeping bag ideal for the 50°F to 77°F range.  Personally, I think 77 degrees might be a little warm for a sleeping bag, but it is in the recommended range!

It is a very traditional sleeping bag in style and design, which makes it very functional for most campers. I do really like the light blue color it comes in as well.

I’ve seen this sleeping bag be as expensive as $65, and as cheap as $24 when on sale, so the price can really vary.

This is a great sleeping bag for general camping as well, not just for hikers and backpackers!


This is your best cold weather option!

The Outdoor Vitals 35 Degree 3 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag is a mummy style sleeping bag that is light and dependable, but also comes from one of the most popular sleeping bag manufacturers in Outdoor Vitals.

It weighs 2.2 pounds, with the compression sack adding 3 oz. in weight, and it has a sleeping space of 83 inches by 29 inches.

This sleeping bag also has a great temperature rating, it will keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.

That makes this the best lightweight, cold weather sleeping bag you can pick. If you need a temperature rating even lower than that, check out this article on the best winter sleeping bags (but be warned – they are going to weigh a lot more than the sleeping bags on this list).

The mummy design also helps keep you warm by keeping your head nice and toasty.

You can pick the blue right hand zipper model or the orange left hand zipper model. They are identical except for zipper placement, and if you buy both, you can zip them together to make a very large sleeping bag.

You are looking at a price of about $50 – and one of the great things about this sleeping bag is that Outdoor Vitals gives you a lifetime limited warranty – which is a huge reason that people love Outdoor Vitals sleeping bags!


Teton Sports Journey +40°F Sleeping Bag
This Teton Sports sleeping bag is our largest recommendation.

One of the best sleeping bag manufacturers you can buy from is Teton Sports, and their great lightweight sleeping bag option is the Teton Sports Journey +40°F Sleeping Bag.

With a weight of 2.3 pounds you are looking at a very lightweight sleeping bag, and with a size of 90 x 33 you are looking at the largest sleeping bag on our list.

There won’t be many people that don’t fit into this sleeping bag (if you don’t – check out this list of the best sleeping bags for large people).

The +40F temperature rating makes that a solid fall, spring, and summer camping sleeping bag.

It also comes with a stuff sack to make it easy to transport.

This sleeping bag has every feature you could want, such as interior storage pockets for storing keys and wallets, to reinforced zippers! All these bells & whistles help create on popular sleeping bag!

Teton Sports also gives there sleeping bags a limited lifetime warranty. Price wise these sleeping bags are around $55.00 – making them very affordable, especially for their size!


All of these sleeping bags are lightweight and great for hiking! Picking the right option comes down to the temperature rating, and size that you need!

If you still can’t find the sleeping bag that you are looking for on this list, i’m going to encourage you to check out this article on the best camping sleeping bags – because it breaks down just about every option you have!

Hiking and outdoor adventuring is that a lot of fun – but it is always more fun when you have the right type of gear on you. Hopefully this list of lightweight sleeping bags will help you find the right sleeping bag for your outdoor trips!