The Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags Reviewed!

2 Person Sleeping Bag
A good 2 Person Sleeping Bag is a great idea for camping trips.

For those of us that are looking for sleeping bags that provide a large enough sleeping area for two adults or multiple kids – we would recommend taking a look at the best 2 person sleeping bags!

There are two types of 2 person sleeping bags you can pick from. One option is two individual sleeping bags that can be zipped together to form one giant sleeping bag.

The other option is an actual one piece sleeping bag that was just created to be really large!

The two sleeping bags being zipped together option does provide you with a little more flexibility. Basically you will have an individual sleeping bag with the zipper on the right, and another with the zipper on the left – and zipped together they produce a really large sleeping bag.

These type of sleeping bags are nice because you can break them apart into individual sleeping areas, which is beneficial if the kids are fighting and they no longer want to share the same space (or you and the partner are fighting).

The large single piece two person sleeping bags are nice because they provide a very durable sleeping bag that won’t become ruined if a zipper is damaged or if you forgot to pack one of the individual sleeping bags needed in the zip up versions.

Below is a list of the best of the best 2 person sleeping bags, which should help you pick the right sleeping bag for your camping trips!


Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag - best 2 person sleeping bag
Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag – click for current prices!

One of the best 2 person sleeping bag sets you can buy is the Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag has a space of 86 x 59 inches, which will be plenty of room to fit two adults.

This is also a sleeping bag that can be used as two individual sleeping bags, and when you want to make it one large sleeping bag, you just zip them together. This flexibility to use them individually is a big bonus.

The materials are nice. The outer lining is a water resistant polyester shell and it has a cotton filling that is soft and warm.

The temperature rating is 23°F, meaning it can be used in temperatures that low, but it is recommended for temperatures between about 32°F and 50°F.

This set also comes with two portable camping pillow and a carrying bag – giving you a complete sleeping set!

The sleeping bag is about 6 pounds in weight when it is all put together.

From a pricing standpoint, you are looking at right around $100 unless it is on sale – which is a great value for a good looking sleeping bag that can be separated into two individual sleeping bags!

Due to its positive reviews and functionality (and price) – this is our #1 zip together two person sleeping bag recommendation.


Teton Sports Mammonth Queen - best 2 person sleeping bags
The Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Sleeping Bag- our #1 non-zip choice!

The Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Sized Sleeping Bag is one of the largest sleeping bags that is one individual sleeping bag and not multiple sleeping bags zipped together.

The sleeping space is huge – 94 x 62 inches. That is wider than a queen size mattress and longer than a king sized mattress.

This sleeping bag is made from high quality materials – including a canvas shell and flannel liner that should last you years of usage.

There are two survival rating temperatures for this sleeping bag. You can buy a 0°F and a 20°F version.

Both are really good for most camping trips, with the zero degree version being a little bit better in colder weather.

This sleeping bag is huge, so it does weight a good amount as well. You are looking at a weight of between 15 to 16.5 pounds, so it is not ideal for hikers or backpackers, but great for campers.

A big reason to buy this sleeping bag is because it is made by Teton Sports. Teton sports is a very trusted name in the outdoor gear industry, and it comes with a limited life time warranty.

Expect to pay around $130 for this sleeping bag option, with pricing varying slightly based on temperature rating and color choice (you have olive green, orange, teal, grey, and blue to pick from)!

This is our number 1 recommendation for non-zip together two person sleeping bags!


Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag - best 2 person mummy sleeping bag
The Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag – our #1 two person mummy sleeping bag.

The Winterial Double Sleeping Bag is one of the best 2 person mummy sleeping bags you can buy! It is a non-zip together, one piece sleeping bag that has an individual mummy hood for each side of the sleeping bag. That mummy hood should keep you all warm and cuddly!

From a size perspective, you are looking at a sleeping space of 81 inches x 53 inches.

It is only 8.2 pounds in weight and you can pack it down to 18” x 10” x 10” when traveling, making this sleeping bag a decent choice for certain hiking trips.

The temperature rating is +20°F – making it a sleeping bag you can use during those cooler fall camping trips.

This sleeping bag has some fantastic features, including a water resistant diamond ripstop shell, a micro polyester lining, and even two inside pockets that you can use for storage (you don’t want to lose your keys or phone).

There is a grey and red color scheme you can pick from – both look really good. You are also looking at a price point right around $130.

The big selling point here is the mummy design. There are many campers that swear by mummy sleeping bags – which makes this our #1 recommendation for anyone looking for a 2 person mummy sleeping bag!


The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is a great choice!

Sleepingo makes a very popular, and very highly rated, 2 person sleeping bag. The Sleepingo Double sleeping bag is two individual sleeping bags that can be zipped together to make a queen sized sleeping space!

That said sleeping space is 87” x 59” – which is ideal for multiple adults. It also comes with 2 traveling pillows for that little extra comfort.

This is a very warm and comfortable sleeping bag – with an outer shell made from polyester fabric and an inner lining of tetron and cotton (trust me – that makes it very comfortable).

Your temperature rating is right at the freezing point of 32°F – which is fine for almost everybody but the most adventurous campers.

Your price point is right around $100 – which is great for how highly rated this sleeping bag is.

A big selling point here is this sleeping bag comes with a lifetime warranty. That is how secure Sleepingo is with their durability and product!

If you are looking for a highly rated, very durable sleeping bag with a lifetime warranty – this is the option for you!


The Abco Tech Double Sleeping Bag is a great all around sleeping bag.

Abco Tech produces some great sleeping bags, and this Abco Tech double sleeping bag can be broken down into two individual sleeping bags. When those sleeping bags are zipped together, you are looking at a space of 87 inches by 59 inches to sleep in.

This sleeping bag also comes with 2 small travel pillows and a compression sack to keep everything stored properly!

The outer fabric is made from polyester fabric that is water resistant and a 100% polyester inner lining that is soft and comfortable. These materials are also very durable – so you should expect to use this sleeping bag on many future camping trips.

It only weighs right about 10 pounds, and if you don’t need a double sleeping bag you can always unzip it and use only one!

What is really impressive with this sleeping bag is its online reviews. It is a very highly rated sleeping bags in terms of comfort and durability.

It is machine washable, so if it gets a little dirty, it will be easy enough for you to clean!

The price for this sleeping bag is right around $60. It is just a great all around sleeping bag that should make you very happy if you purchase.


The Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Tall Sleeping Bag – click for current price!

I think most people with any familiarity with outdoor products has heard the name Coleman – and the Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 tall sleeping bag is a great 2 person sleeping bag choice!

The sleeping space is 81 x 66 inches – and will fit adults up to about 6 feet 2 inches in height. It does zip apart to create two separate sleeping bags if needed.

Temperature wise, this sleeping bag is recommended for temperatures between 30°F to 50°F.

It is a soft and comfy sleeping bag, and it has what is called “ZipPlow” technology which basically means you are going to get a snag free opening and closing every time you zip up or unzip!

It does come with a stuff sack which makes it easy to store.

There is a 5-year limited warranty that comes with this sleeping bag, and we expect high quality products from Coleman.

This traditional style sleeping bag comes in at a price right around $75.00. We recommend this for anybody looking for a dependable sleeping bag for their great camping adventures!


The Goplus Outdoor 2 Person Sleeping Bag is the most affordable choice.

The Goplus Outdoor 2 Person Sleeping Bag is a very affordable sleeping bag for 2 people – with great online reviews as well!

You are looking at a 77” x 59” sleeping space which will fit multiple adults, or multiple kids!

The design is nice with a “hood style” top that keeps your head and pillow off the ground and extra comfortable.

You also have a polyester water resistant shell and a flannel style liner that will keep you comfortable and warm all night long.

This sleeping bag is recommended in temperatures between 23°F and 50°F – which is perfect for most camping trips.

It is also surprisingly light for its size, weighing only 7.5 pounds.

This sleeping bag is also one individual sleeping bag and not a dual zip together option, which makes its light weight even more surprising!

The price is what really sets this high quality sleeping bag apart from its competition. I’ve see it on sale for as low as $33.00 – which is a steal at that price.

Affordability is a big reason why we recommend this sleeping bag – and makes it our top choice for campers who only take one or two camping trips a year.


Sportneer 2 Person Sleeping bag
The Sportneer 2 Person Sleeping Bag – our cold weather recommendation!

For those of you who are more adventurous than me currently do some colder weather camping – The Sportneer 2 Person Sleeping bag is a great cold weather 2 person sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 0°F – which will work in almost all camping situations (I would even call this a true 4 season sleeping bag).

What makes this sleeping bag so warm is the water-resistant taffeta shell and double layer interior lining.

Due to all of its materials, it is a heavy sleeping bag, weighing almost 18 pounds. It does come with a compression sack to try and make storage a little easier on you.

The sleeping space is 90” x 62” – which they say can fit up to 3 people (that really depends on the size of the people). It does fit adults up to about 6 feet 6 inches in height.

The pricing on this sleeping bag can vary a lot. I’ve seen the price normally run around $200, with the price being reduced by over half during those warm summer months.

This is our number one recommendation for anyone that needs a 2 person cold weather sleeping bag that is durable and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best 2 person sleeping bags you can purchase. Each one is a little different, so please pick the one that you think will fit your individual camping needs the best!

You are going to enjoy all the extra space – but if these sleeping bags aren’t quite what you are looking for – please check out our articles on some of the other great sleeping bags you can buy.

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