Best Ammunition Belts: Reviews & Buying Guide

Bagmaster Webbed Shotgun Cartridge Belt

Ammunition belts are fantastic hunting and competition shooting accessories. Not only do they look really cool, they’re also quite useful. When you sport one of these bad boys, you’ll have quick access to your ammunition, … Read more

How Does the Bear Survival Rhyme Go?

angry grizzly bear

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What Are the Different Sizes of Paracord?

multiple paracords and rings

Paracord has really become a popular item in the world of outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. Reliable, extremely versatile, and able to offer tons of … Read more

Best Choke Tubes for Shotguns

Carlsons Long Beard XR 12-Gauge Choke Tube

If you’re looking to invest in a choke tube for your shotgun, but you don’t know specifically what kind you should invest in, then you’ll definitely want to check out the products listed here. Choosing … Read more

The 6 Best Wood-Handle Camping Axes

lumberjack holding ax in woods

The best wood-handle camping axes can be used to chop firewood, trim thick tree branches and they can double as a hammer in some cases. Not only that, but they can be used to chop … Read more