Carrying Boot Knives: Best Boot Knives Reviewed

black bladed boot knife on wood

Boot knives are an extremely popular type of survival (and potential self-defense) tool.  However there’s a lot that many people don’t know about these knives. Are they effective? Are boot knives legal to conceal carry? … Read more

Best Machetes Reviewed

Machete sticking in the ground in a field

Sure, Jon and I don’t spend much time in the jungles. In fact between the two of us I’m the only one who has been in the jungle and that was once. The one on … Read more

Best Knife Sharpening Stones Reviewed

knife sharpening whetstone

Any good outdoorsman knows the importance of having a sharp high quality knife that they can rely on. A dull knife is not only a much less useful tool, but it’s less safe, as well. … Read more

Best Hunting Knife Sheaths

knife outside of sheath

While most hunting knives and fillet knives come with a carefully fit sheath when they are purchased, many knife owners choose to look at an upgrade or even consider cutting a custom sheath made. For … Read more