Are Hammocks Lighter Than Tents?

two trail hikers in autumn

If you’re the type who likes to camp in really isolated country or even spend multiple days backpacking and hiking, then suddenly the weight of your pack matters a lot more than if you’re just … Read more

What Is a Primitive Campsite?

campfire burning at night

Modern Definition of Primitive Campsite At its core primitive campsites are just like they sound like: basic areas set up for camping but without any amenities you might expect at a normal campground. However, what … Read more

How to Catch Snakes with Snake Tongs

woman using snake hooks to move rattlesnake

Snake hooks and tongs are an important piece of gear, especially when you are looking at removing a problem snake from your property. Or in my case more than once, when you’re terrified of snakes … Read more

The Best Hammock Straps Reviewed

hammock strap around tree

Like many others, I’ve long come to realize that hammocks aren’t just for backyard relaxation a la Homer Simpson. Whether relaxing in the backyard or wanting a comfortable way to sleep while camping or hiking, … Read more

The AGPTEK Solar Lantern Reviewed

AGPtek Solar Lantern

When you do a lot of camping and outdoor activities like we do, you understand the importance of having good outdoor equipment. One very important piece of camping equipment is going to be your lighting … Read more

How Do I Clean a Canvas Tent?

My interest in how to take care of canvas tents almost certainly started during my scouting days. At Camp Wakonda we’d sleep in basic canvas tents that had two cots per tent. One summer we … Read more

How Do You Identify a Water Moccasin?

angry cottonmouth snake on leaves

Growing up in the time before the Internet was widespread, well before Google was a thing, information wasn’t quite as reliable as it is now which is why every kid running by the river somehow … Read more