Best Clear Bubble Tents for Stunning Family Fun

Sometimes you’re looking for something more than your average tent or backyard hangout spot. Clear bubble tents are a great way to create a bit of indoor sanctuary while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a fun semi-permanent outdoor shelter or a temporary easy to toss up bubble for the kids, we have the best choices for all your needs right here.

Quick Buying Comparison Chart

TentSummaryOverall RatingAvg Price

HUKOER Luxurious Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent
Most tested & proven portable transparent shelter.8.5$$$

Nice1159 Geodesic Gazebo Dome
Strong, weather-resistant, great for long term setup.8.9$$$$$$$

HappyBuy Single Tunnel Bubble Tent
Best budget option for portable family bubble tents.8.0$$

Garden Igloo Garden Dome
More budget-friendly option if you're looking for semi-permanent.7.9$$$

Uttiny Outdoor Inflatable Family Camping Bubble Tent
The best of several inexpensive clear bubble tent options that comes with option of multi-year protection plans.7.0$$

bubble dome in 4 scenariosFive Best Clear Bubble Tents for Family Camping

There are plenty of transparent bubble dome tents out there, but a lot of them are crap. In fact at any given time you’ll notice a half dozen “companies” using the exact same design and photo.

Because of that, we had to do a lot of research to find you the best bubble tents out there on the market. 

Whether you’re looking for an inflatable bubble tent with reliable air pump or a more semi-permanent outdoor gazebo solution, we review the five absolute best options out there so you don’t have to spend hours separating the wheat from the chaff.

Nothing’s worse than spending a lot of money on an inferior product. When it comes to bubble tents you want to make sure you only purchase one of the top rated options currently on the market.

Quick Bubble Tent Buying Guide – Editor’s Picks (each link leads to up to date pricing):

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Read on for a more detailed review of each one, as well as the other excellent options we have found online.

HUKOER bubble tent night astronomyHUKOER Luxurious Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent

Not only is HUKOER’s single tunnel inflatable tent one of the most long-tested and steady models out there, but it is also the one that overall ranks at the top. Reasonably priced, offering excellent quality for the price, and heavily reviewed, there’s a lot to like about what this steadfast transparent bubble tent brings to the table.

Featuring a roughly 16 foot (three meter) diameter in the dome and two meters (a bit over 6 feet), there’s plenty of space for two people in this inflatable transparent bubble tent. 

The HUKOER inflatable tent needs to be filled via blower, which comes with this tent. This not only helps with the setup but needs to be kept connected to keep the tent fully inflated. The PVC plastic is fully transparent giving an amazing look at nature around you or the night skies, without the hassle of bugs and pests.

This can be set up in one location for a relatively long period of time or be easily put up and taken down before getting packed away and carried. The weight is about 60 lbs total, which is a fair weight based on this style and type of tent.

This clear see-through dome tent is easy to carry, transport, set up, clean, and otherwise maintain. There are many solid reviews on this premium bubble tent, and a reason it is currently the top rated bubble tent out there.

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garden dome bubble tentNice1159 New Garden Geodesic Gazebo Dome  

There are basically two styles of bubble tent. The one above is a transparent, inflatable bubble tent. Then there are the similar styles that are also supported with a PVC pipe “support skeleton” for more of a set dome instead of a smooth inflatable bubble – and that’s what this design is.

If you’re looking for one of the best outdoor gazebo garden domes out there, despite the odd name the Nice1159 really does get it done. This dome is a combination of PVC piping and the exceptional PA6 grade of performance plastic to create and outdoor bubble tent/garden greenhouse dome that is weather resistant, comfortable, and easy to cool or heat based on the season.

Featuring a diameter of just under  12 feet at eleven feet and nine inches, and with an apex height at just over 7 feet tall, meaning plenty of head space for all but the tallest of NBA stars. 

This is designed to be an incredibly robust and resilient design and is good against strong wind up to 30 miles per hour but beyond that it should be in a protected area with a windbreak or taken down. This dome is also good for hold up against up to 90 lbs of snow fall.

There are several versions of this dome used as a pleasant place to read or have a snack in a garden, used by cafes and clubs for semi-private and comfortable outdoor settings to enjoy a meal, and can really add to a garden space. These are often more seen as garden domes versus bubble tents because of the PVC support versus the inflatable plastic without PVC but depending on your needs they both serve the same rough purpose and they both get the job done.

This garden dome is one of the best currently on the market and although the plastic doesn’t have the super smooth feel of an inflatable bubble tent, this is going to be more resilient over the long-term.

As of this writing there was only a limited supply left because of high demand, but there’s a lot to love about what this premium mini-greenhouse brings to the table.

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Transparent bubble tent glamping setupHappyBuy Outdoor Single Tunnel Transparent Bubble Tent

There aren’t many budget-friendly options when it comes to finding a bubble dome tent. It’s even harder to find a budget bubble tent that isn’t a cheap drop shipped tent of, well let’s be nice and say highly dubious quality. 

However the HappyBuy transparent bubble tent is one that I’ve seen firsthand once when a friend set it up in the backyard for his own little calm space when he wanted to feel like he’s outside without the mosquitoes and other minor annoyances. It’s a very solid option as one of the best transparent bubble tents out there, and it’s the only budget bubble tent option that we see as being viable.

Relatively inexpensive (at least compared to other inflatable transparent dome tents), well build & designed, HappyBuy lives up to the “good times” name and vibes that the brand implies. While the night sky wasn’t completely clear since he lived relatively close to town – I could see how these would be amazing if you were in an area with no light pollution.

These are what you think of when it comes to a transparent bubble dome. They fill up easily and quickly, are portable, and this model comes with a bag, an inner blower, and even repair pieces in case your fades after years of use. That’s a really good package and as we’ve said before, they are the only budget option that we currently can recommend.

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Clear garden dome tentGarden Igloo Garden Dome Igloo

Garden Igloo’s look at the garden igloo or geodesic dome tent designs is a solid one, and it is more based on budget than outer looks to provide a solid option for price-conscious consumers. This is definitely a garden style of a dome setup, and is an inexpensive option compared to the earlier premium model of greenhouse dome on this list.

The Garden Igloo design focuses on maximum solar gain, meaning that the sunlight always comes in at right angles to help encourage heat. There’s really good air flow to keep things reasonable during the summer and this dome does a particularly good job of keeping the temperature even throughout the inside.

The geodesic setup allows for a strong design that will hold up to wind, rain, and snow. The diameter of this garden dome outdoor structure is 11 feet and nine inches with a top height of 7 feet and two inches. This provides plenty of space to go along with the comfortable setting.

One important note: when you originally set up this model there are going to be a lot of wrinkles in the plastic. Give it three weeks to smooth out over time to end up with its ideal functional look.

This tent kit is just over 60 lbs in weight, and it remains one of the best more budget-friendly options out there for this type of a portable outdoor structure.

These can sometimes be off market for a season before popping up again, and if you find that to be the case when you are checking then consider this close runner up (link to Amazon) of another great greenhouse geodesic dome.

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uttiny bubble tent fully furnishedUttiny Outdoor Inflatable Family Camping Bubble Tent

Finally, there’s the inflatable outdoor bubble tent by Uttiny. This is a classic transparent bubble tent that is reasonably priced, well-made, and definitely a cut above and beyond the average that you find here. These are seeing increasing popularity as a great outdoor option and the setup you see in the picture shows how Uttiny inflatable bubble tents have become so popular for a variety of outdoor experiences including glamping, isolated get-aways, or star gazing at night.

Whether gazing at the stars, glamping, or looking at some of the more outdooorsy options when it comes to a weekend getaway, Uttiny lets you really setup your own favorite setting in a special way.

This comes with pump, and is made from the clear & transparent PVC that gives an extra degree of durability that you don’t get from your normal tent. These will resist wind up to 30 mph and can hold up to reasonable snow fall as well. 

While not one of the highest premium models, it is a great combination of quality and price to provide another reliable option when it comes to finding a bubble tent that is going to meet each and every single one of your outdoor camping buy now button

What to Look for in a Bubble Tent

The biggest first decision to make is what exactly you’re looking for. Do you want a bubble greenhouse dome with some degree of a PVC or pipe skeleton? Are you looking for an inflatable transparent bubble tent that is very easy to setup, fill up, and then take down to move elsewhere? Are you using it as a semi-permanent clear dome tent for glamping or an outdoor room for kid, or focusing on something that only comes out every so often?

Whatever your specific uses for the tent are going to be is going to have a major impact on helping to figure out which of the ones on this list are going to be the best fit for you. There are several clear dome tents out there but if you focus on frames, designs, and actual purpose of use you will be able to figure out which option is best for you.

Be wary of any budget option. A good bubble tent requires solid design and excellent materials, and those cost money. If someone takes a bunch of shortcuts, then those can become a serious issue. Do your research on finding the best bubble tent and you will be in great shape.

Are Bubble Tents Used for Star Gazing?

Yes, they are! Not only that, but these specialty bubble dome tents can be setup for some incredible glamping opportunities. In fact, this has been done for quite some time now in parts of the world where amazing views of the night sky are available or for northern resorts that allow for northern lights viewings.

In other words, in nations like Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Canada, and others, bubble tents have already become incredibly popular as an option for star gazers looking for that special evening rural experience. 

This CNN article goes into some detail about how these are really taking off in Australia because they are fantastic as a means of spending time seeing incredible stars and having that breathtaking experience while also being able to mix in a little bit of glamping with a bed and bit of climate control for a perfect getaway experience.

In fact, these transparent bubble tents are increasingly popular not only for star gazing but also as romantic night getaways for couples or as a great addition to trendy clubs. Based on the popularity being seen right now, there’s little doubt that the demand will only continue to grow as the great experiences keep stacking up.

In Conclusion

There’s no denying that these clear bubble tents really provide a lot of potential for fun, great outdoor setups, and unique experiences. Whether watching the stars at night, having a place to enjoy sunlight and beautiful outdoors without the bugs, or glamping because you can – there are plenty of outstanding uses for these fantastic clear dome tents.

Stick to the top picks in this article and you will be on the way to an outstanding and unique outdoor experience.

Creative Giant Bubble Tent Glamping Setup Video

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