Can Denim Jeans Stop a Rattlesnake Bite?

denim cloth

Rattlesnake bites are considered a medical emergency for good reason. The venom of these snakes is capable of damaging tissues and inducing an internal hemorrhage that eventually leads to loss of limb or even death. … Read more

What Do Baby Copperheads Look Like?

young baby copperhead yellow tail

There’s a lot of fear revolving around copperheads, and baby copperheads in particular. This isn’t that hard to understand considering the overwhelming majority of venomous snake bites to humans each year actually comes from copperheads. … Read more

Razer Snake Gaiters Reviewed

Razer Snake Proof Gaiters

Razer Snake Gaiters Reviewed: Do They Hold Up? These are snake proof gaiters that look good, are comfortable, and offer the full protection you demand from venomous snake bites while you’re out hunting, hiking, or … Read more

ForEverlast Snake Guard Gaiters Reviewed

ForeverLast Mossy Oak Snake Gaiters

ForEverlast Snake Guard Gaiters: How Do They Hold Up? ForEverlast creates a heavy duty snake gaiter that is aimed specific at hunters. Featuring a thick material design that not only prevents the fangs of venomous … Read more

Crackshot Snake Gaiters Review

Mossy oak Crackshot snake gaiters

Crackshot Snake Gaiters: Made in the USA Snake Bite Protection Look I understand the importance of snakes in an ecosystem, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them. While Jon and I have always … Read more

Best Venomous Snake Collection Buckets & Bags

woman using snake hooks to move rattlesnake

When calling a professional snake relocation specialist isn’t an option you may find yourself needing to capture the snake yourself. While very few venomous snake bites in the United States are fatal, they still need … Read more

Best Snake Hooks Reviewed

woman using snake hooks to move rattlesnake

Handling snakes takes steady hands, careful action, and the right tools for the job. While it’s always a good idea to call professionals, especially when dealing with a large venomous snake, for plenty of ranchers, … Read more

Why Do Snakes Have Forked Tongues?

green tree snake with tongue out

Sometimes it’s the really seemingly basic questions that keep you up at night. While we’ve done plenty of really specific articles on important topics like telling copperheads apart from mimics, properly ID’ing water moccasins, or … Read more

How Do You Identify a Water Moccasin?

angry cottonmouth snake on leaves

Growing up in the time before the Internet was widespread, well before Google was a thing, information wasn’t quite as reliable as it is now which is why every kid running by the river somehow … Read more