KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod Review

The KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod ReviewIn case you missed it, some exciting fishing news came out from KastKing before the annual ICAST convention in Orlando, Florida that took place on July 10 – 12, 2019 (in case you were wondering, ICAST stands for International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades and is where all the new exciting fishing news tends to come from).

Part of that exciting news was the release of the new KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod line!

This rod line has a tremendous amount of diversity to it – in fact there are about 27 different options you can fish with between the casting and spinning rod variations. There are also some really awesome enhancements made to this fishing rods that you are going to want to be aware of!

Below is a complete breakdown of this new fishing rod line. Hopefully this KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod review will give you all the information you need to see if this fishing rod should be added to your collection!

Rod Blank Information

Most of us would agree the starting point for any good fishing rod is the rod blank it is made from. The Resolute Fishing Rod Line are made from KastFlex IM7 Carbon Blanks that provide a nice balance of sensitivity and power. The carbon blanks also keep these rods lightweight, making them easy to fish with all day long!

Depending on the rod option you pick, these rods will vary in length from 4’6″ to 7’6″ in length and will vary in power from ultra-light to heavy. This rod is made from a very solid foundation that you will enjoy.

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Guide Information

American Tackle Microwave Air Guides for fishing rods
The American Tackle Microwave Air Guide

The new rod guides that all KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods feature is the most exciting thing about these fishing rods to me! These rods use what are called American Tackle Microwave Air Guides. American Tackle won a lot of awards for this new style of guide.

The design of these guides will help you improve casting distance and accuracy. You feel like you are in complete control of your line when you are using this rod with a high-end reel.

The guides themselves are stainless-steel and they can handle all sorts of fishing line including your most popular fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided fishing line options.

Check out the picture on the right to see just how different the design of these fishing guides are compared to the guides we normally see on our fishing rods!

Buy Here RibbonReel Seats & Grips

Two very important things that are often overlooked when buying a fishing rod are the reel seats and the grips. How are you supposed to be successful at fishing if your reel is slipping all over the place due to bad reel seats?

These fishing rods only use American Tackle Bravo 2-Piece reel seats (on both the spinning and the casting rod options). These reel seats are light, durable, and are going to keep your fishing reel firmly in place on the rod – exactly where it is supposed to be.

The grips are golf-style SuperPolymer grips. The biggest plus of this material is that they make the grips very slip resistant – even when wet. And we all want to make sure we are keeping firm control of our fishing rods when we are trying to land those giant fish.

The grips are also comfortable and durable – again making this a style of fishing rod that you can use all day long.

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Spinning Rod Options

Like we mentioned above, there are a ton of different options you can pick from in the KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod line. In fact, there are 18 different KastKing Resolute Spinning Fishing Rods to pick from! That is a selection that will ensure you can find the rod you need for the species you like to target.

Here is a quick reference chart showing you the specifications of each spinning rod choice.

LengthActionPowerLine Weight (LB)Number of GuidesWeight (OZ)Amazon Link
4'6"ModerateUltra-Light1-44+12.85Buy Here
5'0"Moderate FastUltra-Light2-65+13.00Buy Here
5'0"FastLight4-85+13.1Buy Here
5'6"Moderate FastUltra-Light2-66+13.3Buy Here
5'6"FastLight4-86+13.3Buy Here
6'0"Moderate FastUltra-Light2-66+13.45Buy Here
6'0"FastLight4-86+13.55Buy Here
6'0"FastMedium6-126+13.9Buy Here
6'6"Moderate FastUltra-Light2-67+13.6Buy Here
6'6"FastLight4-87+13.75Buy Here
6'6"FastMedium6-127+14.25Buy Here
6'6"FastMedium-Heavy10-177+14.35Buy Here
6'6"FastHeavy12-207+14.7Buy Here
7'0"FastMedium6-128+14.65Buy Here
7'0"FastMedium-Heavy10-208+14.7Buy Here
7'0"FastHeavy14-258+15.15Buy Here
7'6"FastMedium6-129+15.05Buy Here
7'6"FastMedium-Heavy10-179+15.15Buy Here
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Casting Rod Options

For those of you that want a casting rod vs. a spinning rod – don’t worry – there are 8 different KastKing Resolute Casting Rods you can pick from! Here is a chart showing you all the different casting rod options you can pick from!

LengthActionPowerLine Weight (LB)GuidesWeight (OZ)Amazon Link
6'0"FastMedium6-127+14.05Buy Here
6'6"FastMedium6-128+14.50Buy Here
6'6"FastMedium Heavy10-178+14.55Buy Here
6'6"FastHeavy12-208+14.9Buy Here
7'0"FastMedium6-129+14.8Buy Here
7'0"FastMedium Heavy10-209+14.85Buy Here
7'0"FastHeavy14-259+15.2Buy Here
7'6"FastMedium6-1210+15.2Buy Here
7'6"FastMedium Heavy10-1710+15.4Buy Here
The Best KastKing Resolute Casting Rods Reviewed

Other Notes on the Resolute Fishing Rod Line

One really important note that some would call a major negative – especially if you come from the world of 1-piece fishing rods being superior to 2-piece fishing rods – is that ALL OF THESE FISHING RODS ARE 2-PIECE FISHING RODS. If you are someone that will only use 1-piece rods, there are some other good KastKing fishing rod lines that you can pick from.

Because of all the great options you have to pick from, these rods are good for walleye, bass, trout, panfish, northern pike, steelhead – you name it there is probably a rod for it.

And of course, Price. There is some price variation depending on which rod you pick, but they are going to cost you right around $75 on the more expensive rods and around $60 on the cheaper versions.

That price is incredible. It is hard to find a fishing rod that is made from such great materials at a price point like this. That is a major reason why you should be buying this line of rods!

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Hopefully you found this KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod Review helpful – and hopefully it has giving you all the information you need to decide if this is a rod that should be added to your fishing gear collection. We always love hearing feedback from our readers – so if you have any personal experiences using this line of fishing rods that you would like to share with us, please let us know so we can include your feedback in this article!

As always, keep on enjoying the great outdoors!