Best Kevlar Shirts: Buying Guide & Reviews

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Kevlar shirts are strong, heavy-duty, and designed to handle the toughest environments. If you don’t know what Kevlar is, it’s a tough synthetic polymer that’s treated and then weaved into an extremely durable material. In fact, it was one of the early cloth-like materials used in vests, body armor, and other clothing to offer protection against bullets, knives, and other potential injuries.

This material in return is used to make shirts, pants, vests, and a wide selection of other products too.

The Scorpion Covert Flannel is the best Kevlar shirt due to its great construction, practical use, and lined inside making it easy to hide the Kevlar. Milwaukee Performance, BC Precision, and Hatch Centurion Kevlar shirts are also considered among the best available to civilians.

As great as Kevlar shirts are, it’s important to note that Kevlar is not waterproof, and if left in the sun, the density in the fibers that hold the material together can become less durable and more fragile. Other than that, Kevlar shirts really are worth the money though, and once you wear one, you really will understand.

Comparing the Top Rated Kevlar Clothing

Listed below are some of the best Kevlar shirts sold today. Take a look. There’s a style for everyone. While most are great looking (and performing) flannel shirts, there are also protective Kevlar clothing pieces for other parts of the body.

Our Top Protective Clothing Picks:

Scorpion Covert Flannel

If you’re looking for a tough piece of clothing, the Scorpion Covert flannel is a great choice. This button-up, long-sleeve shirt features a DuPont Kevlar lining that guards against ripping, tearing, and snags. It’s not just durable though.

This kevlar long-sleeve flannel shirt is also made with quilted polyester which gives it a very comfortable feel. In other words, it’s protective clothing that is also practical for everyday outdoor use.

The Dupont Kevlar used to make this flannel shirt has a 156G fiber count. Now, that’s tough, but it doesn’t stop there. This protective shirt features exo-safety seams and mesh amor pockets for extra amor. The designers also incorporated YKK Zippers onto the shirt. These are high-quality zippers made to perform.

Another thing that’s great about these Scorpion flannel Kevlar shirts is that they’re available in a three different color combinations. They include tan/brown, red/black, and black/yellow. They’re fashionable, well-made, and extremely comfortable.


  • Completely lined with Kevlar
  • Warm and comfortable without that heavy feeling
  • Velcro sleeves and pockets for easy adjustments
  • Easy to add and remove the armor from the pockets
  • Available in a wide range of sizes (medium to XXX-large)
  • No large logos on the shirt


  • Armor not included
  • Buttons tend to rattle a little
  • Has a boxy style to it that some might not appreciate.

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Milwaukee Performance Armored Biker Shirt with Aramid

The thing that really makes this armored denim shirt so cool is that it’s made with Aramid Fiber Thread by DuPont. If you’re unfamiliar with what Aramid is, it’s a kind of Kevlar that’s made from stronger and more advanced synthetic fibers. It’s like Kevlar on steroids.

What you get is one tough shirt that won’t rip, tear, or weaken after multiple washes.

Another thing that’s really cool are the reinforced shoulders and elbows. These four areas feature CE Pads for advanced protection. The nice thing about the CE Pads is that they can be easily removed and inserted in no time at all. This makes washing the shirt a piece of cake.

The hidden zipper is also a pretty neat feature. This zipper is located in the armpit area of the protective Aramid shirt. There’s also an electrical media pocket with clever little wire feed for your electronic devices. This armored shirt isn’t just durable, it’s also convenient.


  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Tough and durable without the heavy feel
  • Lots of pockets
  • Protective shoulder and elbow pads
  • Strengthened with Aramid Fiber Threads


  • Sizing is a little bit different than other companies
  • Material is pretty flexible which might not appeal to some individuals

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Milwaukee Performance Armored Checkered shirt with Aramid

This shirt is made with Aramid synthetic fibers, and boy is it a tough piece of clothing. It doesn’t matter what you snag or catch this shirt on, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. You can even wash it over 1,000 times without having to worry about deteriorating the material.

For increased protection, there’s two shoulder pads and two elbow pads embedded into this button-up shirt. These pads can be easily removed and re-inserted. This makes washing this shirt a piece of cake. Once it’s dry, just slip the armor back in. It’s that easy.

This Milwaukee armored shirt is also extremely comfortable. The outer shell is made of a cotton and polyester blend that feels really soft against the skin. There’s nothing worse than a scratchy shirt, and that’s just not the case here. It’s really a joy to wear.

The snap close front with the hidden zipper is also pretty cool too. This is a clever addition to the shirt is something you’ll really appreciate. This pocket is a great place to carry a firearm something else you need to carry with you. It’s quite a convenient addition.


  • Made with Aramid for increased durability
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Removable elbow and shoulder protective pads
  • Several pockets for your convenience
  • Easy to wash


  • Sizes may differ in comparison to other brands
  • Does not include back padding

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Scorpion Covert Flannel Kevlar checkered Shirt

Tearing and abrasion are two of the worse things that can happen to a good shirt, and when you invest in the Scorpion Covert Flannel Kevlar shirt, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about. Why?

This button-up flannel features a solid, Kevlar lining that protects the whole shirt from unnecessary damage. This durable lining is made from 156G Kevlar fiber and reinforced with exo-stitch safety seams.

The pockets on this Scorpion flannel are also pretty great too. These armored, mesh pockets provide full protection and have easy, snap-buttons that are both efficient and stylish at the same time. These pockets even allow you to add additional armor for extra protection.

The Kevlar checkered button-up flannel is available in three different styles including red/black, black/yellow, and tan/brown. This is a high-quality piece of clothing that’s definitely worth the investment. Once you wear it, you’ll understand why these shirts are so popular.


  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • Soft, quilted polyester outer shell
  • Reinforced with 156G DuPont Kevlar
  • Warm and strong without the heavy feeling
  • Fits great and feels comfortable


  • The buttons make loud snapping sounds
  • Armor is not included

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BC Precision Black Kevlar Protective Arm Sleeves

If you’re looking to invest in some protective arm sleeves, but you’re not sure what kind you should go with, these Kevlar sleeves are an excellent choice. Why are they so great? The thing that makes the 22” BC Precision Kevlar arm sleeves a good buy is that they offer protection well past the elbows.

Most of the other arm sleeves sold today don’t offer protection this far down the arm.

Not only are these protective sleeves 22” long, they’re also constructed from 2-ply Kevlar fabric that’s both heat and scratch resistant. They’ll even protect your arms from frostbite when you find yourself out in those negative temperatures.

When you sport these babies, you’ll feel confident knowing your arms are fully protected.

For your convenience, these Kevlar sleeves also have finger and thumb holes. This makes working in these a much easier job. In addition to this, the pre-cut holes also prevent the sleeves from riding up your arms, and to keep them from sliding down, there’s a built-in elastic strap on each sleeve too.


  • Designed for mechanics, welders, landscapers, roofers, motorcyclists, and hunters who like to hike deep into the woods
  • ANSI cut level 4 Kevlar offers superior protection
  • Flame, heat, and scratch resistant
  • Velcro straps help provide a snug fit
  • Built-in leather patches protect the most vulnerable parts of your arms


  • May not protect against all welding projects
  • May fit a little too tight on individuals with bigger or muscular arms

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Hatch Centurion Kevlar Neck Protection

This is a fantastic accessory for anyone who’s looking for quality neck protection. This piece works especially well for protecting welders from getting a red neck from the heat and sparks.

Security guards, police officers, firemen, and anyone else who works a dangerous job will also find this Hatch Centurion Kevlar neck protection piece to be quite useful.

This is just that little extra piece of protection that can make a difference in helping to lessen injuries. This is also a piece of kevlar clothing that is expected to be used in conjunction with other pieces of protective clothing.

This neck protector was made to be paired with the ExoTech and Centurion riot suits, so you know this is one tough accessory. In fact, the Centurion Kevlar neck protector is resistant to most knife attacks. It would take a pretty sharp knife and several swipes to cut this material.

Not only is this armored neck protector tough, it’s also really comfortable as well. I mean, who wants to wear something uncomfortable around their neck for hours?

This piece is constructed from a soft knit and weighs around 7 oz. You’ll hardly know you have it on. Once you put this armored Kevlar neck protector on, you won’t want to take it off.


  • Height of 7¾” for complete neck protection
  • Stretchy, elastic material fits snug around any size neck
  • Lightweight design reduces stress on your shoulders and back
  • Knife and heat resistant
  • Can be used to prevent sunburn


  • Tends to bunch up around the neck
  • Production tends to be inconsistent – some neck protectors

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Will Kevlar Shirts Stop a Bullet?

If you’re wondering if a Kevlar shirt will stop a bullet, the answer is no. However, a bullet proof vest is made from Kevlar, and it’ll stop a bullet. So, what does it take for Kevlar to stop a bullet?

According to ScienceDirect, an online site for peer-reviewed journals, articles, and books, it takes 21 layers of Kevlar to stop a 9mm bullet. However, the stronger the bullet, the more layers of Kevlar you’re going to need to stop it.

Will Kevlar Shirts Stop a Knife?

Kevlar shirts will indeed stop a swipe from most sharp knives, but if the same area is continuously sliced, the fabric will eventually tear. Now, if your Kevlar shirt is stabbed, then the fabric will more than likely not stop the blade from penetrating the shirt let alone your skin.

Like I mentioned in the last section, it really depends on the amount of layers you have. The more layers of Kevlar a shirt has, the more resistant the shirt will be against against knives.

This also can vary based on the type of knife, style of cut (slash vs. thrust), and power behind an attack. That said, there’s no question that having a Kevlar-lined shirt offers far more protection than not having one.

What’s the Point of Kevlar Clothing?

The point of Kevlar clothing is generally to be protective. While good Kevlar clothes can offer some great protection, especially if you’re traveling in some dicey areas, it’s also important to be realistic. These shirts or pants won’t stop a bullet.

There’s a reason that law enforcement uses bullet proof vests. Those are much bulkier and built in layers.

However, there is something that these types of clothing can be extremely good for. That’s offering protection from minor injuries like scrapes, as well as offering some degree of protection from blades like knives.

This protection can sometimes prevent injury completely while at other times it will simply reduce the level of damage from an attack.

Mitigation is the key word here. In the same way that denim jeans lessen a rattlesnake bite’s damage, Kevlar clothing can lessen the damage a slashing knife might do, but it’s normally not going to prevent it outright.

This protective clothing is tough, resilient, and makes for a great rotation into the outdoor wardrobe even when you’re not camping or traveling through shady areas.

In Conclusion

There are a few good options out there when it comes to finding good Kevlar clothing. It’s important to look at Kevlar clothing with the understanding of what it’s used for and a realistic expectation of what it will provide.

These tend to be incredibly durable pieces of clothing that offer some protection from damage or injury. But these are not gun proof and they’re not knife proof. They do help.

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