KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod Review

Blackhawk telescopic fishing rod pic
A truly beautiful and outstanding telescopic graphite rod option that gets the job done.

Examining the Blackhawk II Telescopic Rod from KastKing

The Blackhawk II is a particularly beautiful telescopic fishing rod that really catches the eye right off the bat. Aside from looking good, the Blackhawk II is an across the board improvement from the already popular KastKing telescopic rod and there’s a lot to like here.

Made from graphite, designed with a variety of different lengths and actions for greater versatility, this is a rod that is superior in quality. Even if you have a wide array of needs, this rod is setup to handle any fishing scenario that you may come across.

While Jon and I don’t always go for telescopic rods, this was one that actually impressed us right off the bat. It looks different, it feels more natural in the hand, and the sheer variety of options they offer aren’t available from many telescopic rods.

So what sets the Blackhawk II rod apart?

Major Features

  • 6-piece rod design delivering 1-piece performance
  • 4 different styles of telescopic rod
  • 14 different rod types
  • Floating guides
  • Comfortable ergonomic EVA handle
  • Stainless steel line guides
  • Variety of length options
  • Kastflex technology leads to better sensitivity and feel

This is a telescopic fishing rod that really brings a lot in a small package. While it tends to be a bit more expensive than other telescopic rods, this is a prime example of “You get what you pay for.”


KastKing fishing rods are generally under a complete 1-year warranty while extended warranties are often available from retail sellers or even KastKing themselves, who are known for their customer service.

Generally speaking you can rest easy knowing you’re covered for a full year and after that there tend to be certain things that are covered for 3-years under a limited warranty.

Great Design & Focus

There are some brands who seem to develop equipment around a general or basic series of ideas and that is never the best piece of gear in the business.

However, that is not the case when it comes to the BlackHawk II. You can tell this is a fishing rod designed by individuals who understand what seasoned anglers need.

If you think this rod is all flash and no substance, you are definitely mistaken!

To put it simply: it didn’t take long at all for my brother and I to realize this was a very different type of telescopic rod and we were very happy with what we found.

We’re no strangers to KastKing rods as we’ve already reviewed several brands from this company including the KastKing Crixus fishing rods and the KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods. This is a company that knows what anglers want, and once again it shows.

Great for Ice Fishing

The first time we heard about this was from a friend who called it “the new Blackhawk ice fishing rod.” While obviously that meant it took us some time to find the right one, it’s not far off the mark if that’s why you mainly use telescopic rods.

This is an outstanding fishing rod for ice fishing, and gives the strength, versatility, and resilience needed to function in small spaces. The outstanding design and use of high-quality materials makes for a clearly superior fishing rod that lives up to to the hype.

The only potential drawback is you need to be careful when moving the rod guides you can push them into each other. This is an ideal travel rod for when space is at a premium as you go from spot to spot, or settle in your ice shelter on the lake ice.

Very Versatile Telescopic Rod

This is one of the most versatile options available. When you consider style of rod, length, action, and power there are actually 14 total options that fall under the BlackHawk II umbrella which goes to show just how many options you really have when picking out the perfect rod.

Rods are set to be either fast or very fast in their settings, and that’s just the beginning.

Available actions:

  • Medium low power
  • Medium power
  • Medium high power
  • High power

Available rod types:

  • Spinning
  • Inshore spinning
  • Casting
  • Inshore casting

These are mixed and matched into 14 different combinations that means as good as the KastKing BlackHawk II telescopic fishing rod is, you can also make adjustments to the version of this you want to customize the rod to be even more focused on your specific uses or needs.

Full extended ranges go from 6’6″ all the way to 8’0″ with eight different lengths available. In other words, KastKing has your back when it comes to creating an outstanding fishing road that can handle the wide array of different challenges that you will meet while chasing those big fish.

Final Grade

Once in a while you come across a piece of gear that really stands out, and that’s exactly the effect that the KastKing BlackHawk II telescopic fishing rod had with us. This is an outstanding telescopic fishing rod that made us really reconsider what we thought of telescopic fishing rods (we didn’t grow up using them so this was a new experience) when it comes to fishing.

The KastKing BlackHawk II is an easy 5/5 stars from us.

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