St. Croix Mojo Ice Fishing Rod Reviewed

Mojo ice fishing rod
Simply one of the best ice fishing rods out on the market right now.

Best Ice Fishing Rod: St. Croix Mojo

There are some truly great ice fishing rods out there, and in our opinion it was long past time where ice anglers got more attention from major outdoor manufacturers. Thankfully, this is no longer an issue as major companies like St. Croix and KastKing have developed many quality fishing rods focused at those winter warriors out on the ice.

While it’s actually kind of tough to pick out the best one, there are several that certainly vie for that position and the St. Croix Mojo ice fishing rod is a fantastic option that is one of the few 5-star ice fishing rods out there.

If you’re looking for an in-depth review of this great fishing rod then you’ve come to the right place!

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Major Features

  • Available in 6 different tensions ranging from ultralight to heavy
  • Quality premium cork & EVA handle design
  • Unique reel setting for maximum comfort and use during ice fishing outings
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides
  • Reputation for being strong and durable even at ultralight

This is an ice fishing rod that is well-designed. Lightweight, flexible but sturdy, able to help you feel the gentlest nibbles while also being sturdy enough to survive a big fight.

Warranty Info

St. Croix has a reputation for top notch warranties, although it is important to note that there has been a major change that anglers need to be aware of. Previously, St. Croix’s warranty was a lifetime unconditional warranty for replacing broken parts, and that is no longer the case.

St. Croix has changed their warranty. And it really is a shame. This doesn’t change the fact this is an exceptional fishing rod and the warranty is still solid for a full year (as of this writing) with limited 3-year coverage. It’s not what it was, but it’s still a solid warranty.

What Sets the Mojo Apart?

For one it’s the combination of construction and design. This is an incredibly well-built fishing rod that can handle the special challenges that come with ice fishing while keeping the touch and sensitivity you need when the fish are just nibbling.

Many times a fishing rod will have to give up a little bit of one for the other. There aren’t many that manage

If you want a look at just how carefully St. Croix has been at making sure to create the full array of different fishing rods aimed specifically at ice fishing fanatics, take a look at this chart that lists all the models of “ice fishing” specific St. Croix fishing rods.

Model NumberLengthPowerLink to Buy
LBI17L17"LightBuy Here
LBI24L24"LightBuy Here
LBI24M24"MediumBuy Here
LBI24MH24"Medium HeavyBuy Here
LBI24ML24"Medium LightBuy Here
LBI24UL24"Ultra LightBuy Here
LBI30L30"LightBuy Here
LBI30M30"MediumBuy Here
LBI30ML30"Medium LightBuy Here
The Best St. Croix Ice Fishing Rods

Pretty impressive list, right?

What’s the Average Cost?

The average cost can vary a bit based on the exact model of Mojo fishing rod you go with, when you buy it, where you buy it from, but in general you can find these rods between $42 and $69 in most places.

If you find one at a higher price, you should look around and see what other options you have. keep in mind this is just for the fishing rod: reel and line not included with that price point.

Final Grade

This isn’t just one of our favorite St. Croix rods for ice fishing, but it is one of the highest rated ones that we have used, period. There are many truly fantastic fishing rods out there, and there are a few that really vie for the top spot.

That being said the St. Croix Mojo series of ice fishing rods clearly gets a perfect 5/5 score from us, and there’s a reason we picked it as our favorite fishing rod for winter panfish fishing.

This is an outstanding option, and one you won’t regret adding to your rotation of truly outstanding fishing rods.

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