Glacier Glove Pro Angler Ice Fishing Gloves Review

glacier glove neoprene ice fishing gloves
Outstanding ice fishing gloves that are waterproof, warm, and surprisingly flexible.

Glacier Glove Pro Angler Gloves Full Review

My first impressions looking at these gloves were admittedly, not great. I don’t like stiff gloves that restrict movement and honestly I wondered how warm they would really be. Fortunately for me, my first impressions were wrong. These were very warm, really excellent ice fishing gloves which do the Glacier Glove name proud.

Read on for the full review or TL;DR: 5/5 stars, best ice fishing gloves on the market, check prices on Amazon.

Major Features

  • Waterproof neoprene exterior
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Seamless palm design
  • Surprisingly good flexibility
  • Available from small to XXL in size
  • Slit-finger design to keep thumb and index finger free for casting
  • Great for cold winter temperatures however, not built for Arctic levels of cold

This was a pair of winter fishing gloves that was designed with the angler and ice fisherman in mind.


According to the Glacier Glove company all gloves that they make are fully covered for any defects for up to one calendar year. It’s important to keep the information on hand like the order number, the date of sale, etc, but then a refund can be received in full or a replacement can also be ordered in place of the damaged gloves.

We haven’t had to use this ourselves, generally the outdoorsmen we have talked to have not had any issues with getting their warranty honored.

Exceptional Materials

The way you end up with a fantastic glove is by starting with the best materials. After all, you can’t produce top of the line clothing for outdoor fanatics when you use sub-par materials. It just doesn’t work.

Glacier Glove has a reputation for producing high quality fishing gloves, and the Pro Angler series holds up this reputation and does really well. The interiors of the gloves are lined with 2mm of soft and warm fleece designed to keep your hand and fingers both warm and comfortable.

The exterior is made from quality neoprene, creating a solid waterproof shell on the outside that also worked to retain the heat within. That is the 1-2 combination of good materials you want combined for gloves that really hold up against the elements.

Well-Deserved Widespread Praise

The surprising versatility of these gloves has received a lot of attention. Reviews of these gloves can be found on forums across the Internet. Ice fishing, outdoor photographers, kayak fishermen have all commented on the usefulness and quality of this glove for what they need.

The versatility is unusual and that is part of what really brings home the quality of this design.

Generally these are great and my personal experience using these gloves was surprisingly good. I would hesitate to use them in extreme cold conditions but for the majority of outdoor enthusiasts these will get the job done.

Absolute Must for Ice Fishing

When you are out and about in winter the first key to having a good time is making sure you stay warm and you stay dry. Staying warm when it’s zero degrees out and you’re wet is pretty much impossible.

That’s part of what makes these gloves especially good for ice fishing. While they can be a good choice for the fall, especially with the open finger slits for being able to hold line and cast, the need for the gloves to be waterproof is especially strong.

The neoprene outside makes these among the absolute best options that you can possibly find, and unlike many other neoprene gloves these add interior material to increase warmth.

While pure neoprene gloves are great for sheer ability to keep water off of your skin, it doesn’t provide a lot of warmth in the cold. Not by itself, anyway. That’s why the design of the Pro Angler gloves by Glacier Gloves is so good specifically for fishing in the winter.

So make sure to have a quality pair of ice fishing gloves like these along with other necessary gear like your pop up ice fishing shelters or a high quality portable ice fishing heater.

Simple but Effective YouTube Video Review

Final Grade

As you know we prefer to review the really top of the line outdoor gear whenever possible because we understand how hard it can be to find truly game-changing gear. These ice fishing gloves from Glacier Glove are amazing, and if that YouTube video doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to go 4/5, 4.5/5, or 5/5 but in this case it’s easy. The gloves are way more comfortable and flexible than they look which were the biggest concerns I had looking at them.

Final Grade: 5/5 stars

If you’re only going to buy one pair of ice fishing gloves, these should be it. There’s a reason they top the list in our best ice fishing gloves article as well as the recommended gear list on our ice fishing for panfish post.

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