Frontiersman Bear Spray Review

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The hair stood on the back of my neck as something big crashed through the pines twenty yards or so off to my right. Was this it? Was this when walking solo too often on isolated Alaska trails was finally going to catch up to me?

If you’ve ever felt your stomach drop at a loud noise in bear country, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention the fear. That moment you’re potentially facing disaster.

Hopefully you found yourself in the same situation I did: with a can of reliable bear spray holstered onto your belt. While I may have pressed my luck during the Alaska years, I wasn’t stupid. If you find yourself in bear country take some advice from an old hand and carry Frontiersman bear spray by Sabre with you.

Bear spray is a critical tool that you need to carry throughout any place that is considered bear country. While bears are almost always more scared of you than you are of them, and will generally work to avoid contact with humans, there’s no question who is on top of the food chain when it’s bear vs. man.

You don’t want to find yourself in one of those rare situations unarmed and unprepared. Frontiersman bear deterrent spray is an outstanding option to make sure you are safe when there might be bears out and about.

Bear Attacks: Rare but Serious

Most bear attacks happen because a mother bear is surprised when she is surprised by her cubs, and the motherly instincts take over to attack. Having a can of EPA approved bear pepper spray can help protect you from even these intense types of encounters and even increase your chance of surviving a bear attack.

There are other cases where the bear attack happens because in some areas bears have become very accustomed to people and don’t keep as wide a berth as they do naturally in nature – which can lead to them staying in the area and that is going to drastically increase the chances of accidentally surprising a bear that is more likely to act aggressively as opposed to moving away from you. Having a can of reliable Frontiersman bear spray is just a necessity in these situations.

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Yeah, you don’t want to be unprepared for this…

Explore – just Be Prepared!

There is something undeniably beautiful about truly wild country, and while areas in Montana, Alaska, and Canada boast some of the most beautiful natural wilderness you will find anywhere but you also need to be prepared for the worst case scenarios.

That not only includes a signal whistle but also making sure you have a quality can of bear spray ready to go… just in case.

No one wants to think about what can happen, and the truth is that bear attacks are extremely rare. On average only 2-4 people a year in all of North America die as the result of a bear attack, but you still want to always prepare yourself so that if a bear does attack you’re in the best position to walk away unscathed, or at the very least, walk away.

If you ever find yourself at the end of a charging bear, any scenario where you get to walk away has got to be considered a serious win.

Whether hiking alone or in a group, there’s no way I’d hike all those isolated Alaska trails without a reliable can of Frontiersman bear spray on my side. – Shane “Big Alaska” Dayton

Why Frontiersman Bear Deterrent Spray?

There’s no question that bear deterrent spray, when used properly, is the best option out there when it comes to deterring an aggressive or overly curious bear before it charges, or even stopping a charge dead in its tracks without getting injured. Studies from the U.S. Forest Department, various federal agencies, and universities in both the United States and Canada have all confirmed bear spray is the most effective defense option against aggressive bears.

Frontiersman sticks out against the competition for a variety of reasons which includes:

  • Maximum stopping power allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which includes in-house lab quality control to confirm 2.0% major capsaicinoids
  • Greater range of protection by offering the (currently) industry’s largest maximum range at 35 feet
  • Field tested in both Elmendorf Alaska and Missoula Montana
  • Designed for a big spread – Frontiersman bear spray releases more spray per second than any other option to create a larger barrier cloud faster
  • Specially designed holsters allow quick access to your bear spray when you absolutely need it most

There’s a reason that Frontiersman is one of the few truly big names in the industry, and their focus on making every single small detail work in your favor because when you’re dealing with a charging bear, every single second counts.

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Serious In-House Testing

One of the things that continues to set Frontiersman apart is how the brand’s parent company, Sabre, continues to use extremely rigorous in-house testing in order to make sure that every single can of bear spray is up to quality standards. They want the maximum strength, they want every spray function to work perfectly, and they work tirelessly to make sure that customers can go out to the wild in confidence.

The real world testing at two different locations in addition to these laboratory tests the real world results help reinforce how effective their bear spray is. The larger 9.2 oz Frontiersman option sprays at 1.84 oz per second, clearly better than any other EPA approved bear spray out in the market.

When every second counts, getting more bear spray and a bigger barrier cloud out there in the open is crucial to helping you avoid injury, and it keeps this particular bear spray on top of the market.

In Conclusion

There are four outstanding bear sprays out there that are approved by the EPA, and Frontiersman bear spray is in that small elite group. The longest distance, special design to create wide clouds, and other popular features are what sets Frontiersman a step above the rest when it comes to high quality bear spray.

Don’t let this article scare you from seeing some of the most amazingly beautiful and breathtaking scenery Mother Nature has to offer. When you learn how to act in bear country, take the proper precautions, and carry a good can of bear spray, you can enjoy the best that the world has to offer and rest easy knowing you are in position to keep yourself safe if things ever go wrong fast.

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