Pocket Bow and Arrow Review

Who needs a full sized bow when you can have a pocket bow and arrow?

The really neat thing about Social Media is every once in a while you will be scrolling through your newsfeed and a picture or video will catch your attention. That recently happened to me when I saw a YouTube video of a small pocket bow and arrow shooting arrows at different targets.

I was intrigued, because I had never seen anything so small shooting arrows with what looked to be very good velocity. I had to investigate – what was this product? How did it work? Is it safe? The first step in the investigation was learning that I was watching a product called the Pocket Shot.

Now I’m not sure everyone needs a pocket bow or a pocket sling shot – but I was so intrigued I wanted to pass on my pocket bow and arrow review, and talk about all the cool information I was able to find out about it. Then again after reading about these really cool little products maybe everyone should have one?

Basic Information on The Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot - Pocket Bow and Arrow
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So the Pocket Shot is technically a high end, small sized slingshot. With the proper extension – The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap – this sling shot is able to shoot arrows. Both of these products are sold separately, and you need both of them to change the sling shot into a pocket bow and arrow.

Even though the Pocket Shot is technically a sling shot, it is NOT A TOY.

We can’t emphasize enough and need to absolutely make sure that you all understand that. This might look like something small and nerf-like, but it absolutely is not! This is an actual potential weapon and/or survival tool that is built to do what it’s designed for: that’s not the kind of thing you should pass on to the little ones for any reason.

The pocket shot isn’t something that should be given to kids to play with. The projectiles it shots can cause injuries, and it should not be aimed or shot at other people or pets. The product is not to be purchased by people under the age of 18, and if a child is going to use it, it should always be under very careful parental supervision.

The Pocket Shot -The Circle Slingshot

Pocket Shot - Pocket Sling Shot
The Arrow Cap is necessary for you to shoot arrows!

The slingshot has a one of a kind circular shape, with a latex pouch that you load and fire the projectile from. When it is being used, the Pocket Shot is 5 inches long – when closed it is 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches in size; which is perfect for storing in your pocket, tackle box, bag, or pretty much anywhere!

The pouch is attached to a circular cap, you pull back on the pouch and launch projectiles like you would from a traditional slingshot – but at speeds up to 3x greater than a traditional slingshot.

If you buy the traditional Pocket Shot, you will have 2 pouches included. The black pouch is a little more durable and can launch projectiles up to 300 feet per second. The blue pouch it comes with has more of a snap to it, so it can launch projectiles up to 350 feet per second; but is less durable.

The manufacturer says you should expect to get between 200 to 400 usages out of the sleeves, but this will depend on the type of ammo you are using, and obviously how well you take care of each pouch. Pouches are easy to replace, taking the average user about 30 seconds to change, and can be purchased separately.

Like most slingshots the standard ammo is steel ball bearings, with a recommended size of 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 inches. The manufacturer does not recommend shooting anything under 1/4 of an inch in size. Marbles, rocks, and paintballs are other popular projectiles you can shoot.

Of course…what about arrows?

Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch
The Arrow Pouchs allow you to shoot arrows to a maximum velocity!

Shooting Arrows!

You can now attach the Pocket Shot Arrow Cap to use the slingshot to shoot arrows.

You also need a longer pouch so you can draw back the arrows correctly, meaning you will need to purchase The Pocket Shot, The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap (whisker biscuit cap), and the Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch to properly have a pocket bow and arrow!

The cap helps keep the arrow in place and helps with accuracy, plus safety.

You shouldn’t be shooting arrows with the standard cap. The longer pouch also helps you be more accurate, but more importantly, allows you to shoot the arrows with more velocity.

Now this isn’t a good bow and arrow for hunting deer or any type of large animal, but it is a lot of fun for target practicing. The arrows can be launched right around 130 to 150 feet per second, and it really is just a lot of fun to shoot.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

If you scan all the different review sites that are out there, the biggest problem people have seems to be the durability of the pouches. The pouches are made out of a latex/rubber material – but they are made to be replaced. You will probably start to see some small holes develop, but small holes aren’t much of an issue – it’s when you start to see lots of rips or big holes that you have a problem (or lots and lots of little holes).

The best advice we can give about the durability of the pouches is the more you practice and hone your technique, the longer those sleeves will last. So practice! There are also a lot of different videos on YouTube that show you how to use the product, and will give you advice on proper techniques.

We also advise you not to shoot random, sharp projectiles that can damage the sleeve when being pulled back or during the launch process.

Our Final Thoughts

This is a really fun product. It is not often a video can catch my attention, and show me something that I haven’t really seen before.

We would recommend this product for target practicing and having fun with friends and family. Having shooting competitions with both the regular sling shot projectiles and the arrows can create a world of fun. It could possibly be used to hunt small animals like rabbits or squirrels, but for us, the fun comes from a little competition with the crew.

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Below is a video showing this bow in action!